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What is Cross-Site Scripting?

July 19, 2012

In a XSS attack, JavaScript might steal session credentials, capture keystrokes or iterate across every form on a page and replace every action so that instead of submitting your username and password to the real application, the JavaScript causes your username and password to be sent to the attacker...

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Introduction to Bro Network Security Monitor

February 08, 2012

Great intro video to the Bro Security Network Analysis Framework by Richard Bejtlich. Bro is an amazing tool that gives you a summary of what is going on in your network. It creates text log files of connections, protocols, communications, and what it sees on the wire...

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Security Onion Intrusion Detection System Setup Tutorial

January 25, 2012

Run this on a system that has two network cards and you have a complete NSM/IDS. One NIC connects to your network or internet side of your traffic and monitors every packet, the second NIC connects to your LAN side and can be used to remotely view and monitor intrusion attempts...

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