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On Website Security

November 08, 2012

So websites – even really large ones have some serious security flaws and it’s disturbing. Yet they don’t seem to care much. Guys like Troy Hunt are doing a great job bringing these issues to light. In this video Girl Cynic and I ponder over some of these issues...

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Boston Police Offer Levity in Wake of Anonymous Hack

February 09, 2012

The Boston Police Department's Media Relation arm has produced a somewhat whimsical video response to the attack of their official website that occurred late last week. The department's website had been hacked and defaced by sympathizers of the rogue movement Anonymous...

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Hacker Halted: Jeremiah Grossman on Hacking Websites

November 06, 2011

"Fundamentally the answer to the software security question can be found through metrics. By carefully tracking and analyzing metrics, very particular key performance indicators (KPIs), an organization can determine where resources would be best invested..."

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