Information Security


Modern Malware Defense

May 25, 2011

Ashar Aziz, founder of FireEye, recognized early on that malware, zero day threats, and drive by downloads could slip by defenses that most organizations have deployed. He built the technology to take executables off the wire and run them in a mini-cloud of virtual emulators...

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Granular Application Control Drives Next Gen Firewalls

May 18, 2011

Web apps in particular have become a nightmare for IT staff. Should users be allowed to use Twitter, URL shorteners like or, or even Facebook? And if they do what should they be allowed to do within the app? Posting updates is one thing. Playing Mafia Wars is another...

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Next Generation Firewalls vs UTM

May 04, 2011

Network security is primarily gateway security: the firewall. What about IPS? What about access control? What about URL content filtering and network anti-malware? Aren’t those separate products, categories, industries? NO, those are features in the gateway security product...

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Beaconing Detection: A Required Defense

April 13, 2011

One of the hottest areas in network security is beaconing detection - from Ghost Net and and Night Dragon to attacks on the Pentagon, Google, and RSA. Once a desktop or server is infected it “phones home” for additional downloads, instructions, and ultimately to exfiltrate stolen data...

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RSA: Chris Blask, VP Marketing at AlienVault

February 15, 2011

Anthony M. Freed interviews Chris Blask of AlientVault. AlienVault makes the open source SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool "OSSIM" and supplies commercial versions to government, enterprise, MSSP and SCADA customers worldwide. AlienVault has more production users of its products than all other SIEM vendors combined.

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