BlackHat 2012: Dave Porcello Discusses the Power Pwn

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dave Porcello, Founder and CEO of Pwnie Express discusses the recently released Power Pwn, scheduled to begin shipping at the end of September.

Building on the game-changing success of the Pwn Plug, the Power Pwn is a fully-integrated enterprise-class penetration testing platform. Through it's ingenious form-factor and highly-integrated/modular hardware design, the Power Pwn covers the entire spectrum of a full-scale pentesting engagement, from the physical-layer to the application-layer.


Building on over 10 years of IT leadership, security, and entrepreneurial experience, Dave Porcello founded Pwnie Express in March 2009 with a clear vision of providing unique hardware and unparalleled expertise to the global security industry.

At The School for Field Studies, Dave served as the IT Director for a technology infrastructure including six international field stations. After this venture, Dave transitioned into a highly successful IT security management role at Vermont Mutual Insurance.

Drawing on a variety of sharply-developed technical and IT leadership disciplines, Dave provides the solid foundation required to ensure the company's success.

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