Using Interface Devices for Network Penetration Testing

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Javvad Malik caught up with Nikhil Mittal at Black Hat Europe 2012 to talk about some human interface technology and their use in network penetration testing...


Javvad's coverage of Black Hat Europe courtesy of Infosec Island and NETpeas.

Be sure to check out the New Release of COREvidence Multi-Engine Vulnerability Service from NETpeas:

This newest release comes with a bunch of new features and concepts. The dashboard has been designated to display clear and specific data for our users. At a glance customers determine the assets with the least secure status.  All relevant information related to vulnerabilities such as criticality, attack vectors and an overall scoring grade patented by NETpeas (ScoRISK™) is there to help out customers to better prepare & organize the "Patch Management Process".

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