BSidesSF: Amol Sarwate on SCADA Security Challenges

Monday, February 27, 2012

In a presentation at the Security BSides San Francisco event, Amol Sarwate - Security Research Manager at Qualys - examined how SCADA security and advance persistent threats have now taken center stage.

While the industry has some success in dealing with IT security, when it comes to industrial control systems or SCADA systems, it still has enormous challenges.  The session looked at why implementing SCADA security is so difficult, and strategies to meet these challenges.


This presentation was intended to help organizations implement security measures for their controls systems and SCADA systems. It identified hurdles that organizations face and how to avoid them, as well as help attendees try out some tools and techniques when they get back from the conference.

It was also designed to help vendors of SCADA systems to align their solutions to achieve a common goal. For attendees who were not familiar with in-depth SCADA security, the presentation was an excellent introduction and fast forward to effective SCADA security implementation.

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