Straight Talk on Cloud Computing for the Enterprise

Monday, February 06, 2012

Check out this video in which I ambushed 2 random attendees of the Master the Cloud event in Montrèal and got them to talk to me on camera about the event.

One of the fantastic things about events like this is that real people just like you show up at these events to listen, learn and share with their fellow attendees... and that's absolutely amazing. 

In a 1-day seminar style trade-show, we managed to bring together some of our biggest partners and industry experts with vast practical knowledge on cloud computing as a key enabler to the enterprise.

Listen to what these guys are saying... This isn't a typical trade-show, this is definitely one event you're going to want to not miss if you're in one of the cities we're coming to soon.

If you're interested in attending, or have something to share with us, click the above "Master the Cloud" link and come out to Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary in the next few weeks... and let's tame the cloud in the land of hockey.

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