Black Hat USA 2011: Tom Eston - Secure State Consultant

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tom Eston is a senior security consultant with Secure State, who's focus is in research on the security of social media and the privacy of social networks.

Tom wrote the popular "Facebook Privacy & Security Guide" which is used for student security awareness training at several large universities as well as various government organizations.

He frequently write articles for several popular online magazines, including Infosec Island, and is currently co-authoring a book on hacking social networks with fellow security researcher Kevin Johnson.


Tom founded "" which is a website dedicated to social media security news, privacy, research and user awareness.

He also founded and co-hosts the Social Media Security Podcast, which is focused on news and information from the world of social media relating to security and privacy.

Tom is also one of the founders and co-hosts of the popular Security Justice podcast, which is focused on information and physical security.

He frequently speaks about the security and privacy issues in social media for various user groups, businesses and national conferences including OWASP AppSec, ShmooCon and DefCon.

Tom is currently on the board of directors for the Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum (NEOSIF).

Bio information via Corporate site and/or LinkedIn 

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