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A Delicate Balance: DLP and Privacy

September 07, 2010 Added by:Michael Cohen

When applying DLP to an organization’s email server, IT managers need to maintain a delicate balance between their company’s security interests and user’s privacy, which is possible through a coherent policy aligned with the management of sensitive data in all facets of the organization...

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Three minutes to data loss protection with Blue Coat

August 11, 2010

Data loss protection is still an evolving field, but Blue Coat brings a comprehensive solution that can be quickly configured to stop leaks of confidential data to unauthorized users. Is your data leaving with employees that are getting downsized? Is your customer list now the property of one of your competitor's? The Blue Coat DLP Appliance can detect when critical information is being copied fro...

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Back From Black Hat

August 06, 2010 Added by:Application Security, Inc.

With so many tracks there was no shortage of interesting topics at the same time slot. Since there were no database specific talks on the first day, I had a great opportunity to expand my horizon and check out some areas that I’m only somewhat familiar with - here's a summary...

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Using Information Rights Management to Prevent Snooping by IT Staff

July 09, 2010 Added by:Peter Abatan

In a recent news article a survey carried out by Cyber-Ark global survey claimed that 41% of IT pros admit to snooping on confidential information. Forty-one percent of respondents confessed to abusing administrative passwords to snoop on sensitive or confidential information...

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Choosing Endpoint DLP Agents

June 07, 2010 Added by:Danny Lieberman

There is a lot to be said for preventing data loss at the point of use but if you are considering endpoint DLP (data loss prevention), I recommend against buying and deploying an integrated DLP/Anti-virus end-point security agent.  This is for 4 reasons:

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Changing Your Security Requires Learning about Change

March 30, 2010 Added by:Danny Lieberman

Reading through the trade press, DLP vendor marketing collateral and various forums on information security,  the conventional wisdom is that the key threat to an organization is trusted insiders.

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