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Students Getting Cyberwise to Become Safe and Responsible Digital Citizens

February 14, 2013 Added by:Robert Siciliano

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard unveils the new cyber education module, which was developed in partnership with McAfee and Life Education Australia.

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The Balancing Act: How Universities Can Prevent Malware and Enable Information Access

October 21, 2012 Added by:Paul Kenyon

Considering most universities must accommodate a network of thousands of desktops and laptops, in addition to end-users ranging from students, developers, researchers, academics and admin staff – it’s no wonder balancing security and productivity is such a complex endeavor...

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Transcript: Patriot Hacker th3j35t3r Addresses USM Students

April 10, 2012 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

The hacktivist opened himself up to questions regarding his operations, methodologies and motivations - including his campaigns against radical militant websites, his take down of WikiLeaks, his tussles with Anonymous, his military service, and a variety of security issues...

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ENISA Report on Network Information Security in Education

January 30, 2012

ENISA's Report on Network Information Security in Education comes at a time when education and ITC are interconnected more than ever. The challenge of the digitally active citizen is to remain informed on the news coming from the dynamic field of Information Security...

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Universities Account for a Higher Number of Breaches

August 29, 2011 Added by:Kurt Aubuchon

Hospitals are 48 times more likely to show up as breach victims than would be predicted if breaches were distributed evenly among all US firms. Colleges and universities turn up in breach reports about 357 times more often than if distributed evenly. That is a staggering number....

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Education Sector is Failing Security

May 13, 2010 Added by:Anthony M. Freed

“The Social Security numbers of about 30,000 people became vulnerable after malicious software attacked Penn State University computers,” announced the headlines in December 2009. “Other data breaches occurred in January and February and in December 2008. One targeted a single computer; the two others affected hundreds of individuals.”

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Hacker hits NC community college system

December 17, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

Patrons of North Carolina's community colleges may have had their drivers license and Social Security numbers stolen by a hacker.

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NC: Kids’ Social Security numbers on school postcards

December 05, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

The Wake County [North Carolina] school system accidentally sent out about 5,000 postcards with students’ Social Security numbers printed on the front, a mistake that angered parents and will cost the district nearly $100,000 to remedy.

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Senate Panel Clears Data Breach Bills

November 05, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday approved two companion bills that would require businesses and government agencies to notify individuals of security breaches involving sensitive personally identifiable information. Both bills go to the Senate for consideration.

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MA: Williams College laptop stolen; 750 notified

November 05, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

Williams College in Williamstown reports a recent laptop theft. The laptop, which was stolen when an employee left it in a parked car in Boston on October 3, contained the names and Social Security numbers of 750 individuals from 39 states and several foreign countries.

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Good enough security?

October 29, 2009 Added by:Christopher Hudel

We have had 802.1x -- CISCO + Active Directory Integration --  in place for over a year know and it is largely a success; windows systems automatically obtain machine certificates (machines automatically receive certificates when they join the domain), supplicants exist for our IP Phones, and those devices (i.e.: printers)  that are currently incapable of 802.1x are split off in a tightl...

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IT Security - Defense in Depth Protection using a Data-centric Model

October 29, 2009 Added by:Mike Cuppett

Start aligning your security strategy to better protect your organization's most critical asset - data. While many security proponents lean toward an outside-in strategy - protect every computer in the company from the outside world first - we really need to understand that the data is the asset that must be protected first and foremost.  The outside-in strategy starts at a macro level and ov...

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Where are the DBAs?

October 07, 2009 Added by:Michael Menefee

What I really want to know is this: Where are the Database Admins (DBAs) these days? I cant tell you how many times in the past 18 months that I’ve found real enterprises running vulnerable databases with default passwords, weak passwords and no real permissions management.

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UNC security breach less severe than feared

September 30, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

A hacker who wormed into a UNC Chapel Hill computer server may not have gotten access to as much information as officials originally feared.

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Hacker hits UNC-Chapel Hill study data

September 25, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

A hacker has infiltrated a computer server housing the personal data of 236,000 women enrolled in a UNC-Chapel Hill research study.

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Study: 600K campus records hacked this year

September 21, 2009 from: Office of Inadequate Security

Computer hackers reportedly have stolen identifying information and credit card numbers from more than half a million — some 600,000 — college students, faculty, and alumni this year. This is prompting some campus IT officials to call for a “total overhaul” of computer security protocol.

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