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Dark Technology: Are You (Unknowingly) Putting Your Organization At Risk?

January 21, 2015 Added by:Tripwire Inc

As we go about our daily lives, we are leaving subliminal digital traces behind us from our logical footprint.

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The NERC CIP's Are Not Making the Grid More Secure or Reliable

January 20, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

The North American Electric Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cyber security standards were developed to increase the cyber security and reliability of the electric grid. Unfortunately, they are not doing either.

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Microsoft SysInternals is Prone to False Negatives When Testing for Escalation of Privileges

January 20, 2015 Added by:Amit Serper

If we didn’t already get the memo in 2014, the Sony hack serves as a harsh reminder of how easy it is for attackers to hide undetected, inside a network for long periods of time.

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Network Segmentation: A Best Practice We Should All be Using

January 19, 2015 Added by:Brent Huston

It would be nice to be able to say that we are winning the war; that network security efforts are slowly getting the better of the bad guys. But I can’t do that.

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The Five Things CSOs Need to Know About Software-Defined Security

January 19, 2015 Added by:Carson Sweet

Software-defined security changes the game for the CISO and their teams. Security can now move to being an enabler for enterprises that are taking advantage of the business value offered by cloud services and infrastructure, without sacrificing security or compliance.

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How Verizon and Turn Defeat Browser Privacy Protections

January 15, 2015 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

Verizon advertising partner Turn has been caught using Verizon Wireless's UIDH tracking header to resurrect deleted tracking cookies and share them with dozens of major websites and ad networks, forming a vast web of non-consensual online tracking.

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Don’t Trust your Router “Update” Feature

January 15, 2015 Added by:Dan Dieterle

With all the news of router exploits and compromised units being used by hacker groups for attacks, make sure you include installing router firmware updates as part of your scheduled maintenance routine.

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When You Are Overwhelmed With Alerts, it is Time to Automate.

January 07, 2015 Added by:Michael Leland

Your security team is getting alerts from internal sensors, threat intelligence from multiple sources, and potential indicators of attack or compromise from your SIEM. Relying on these human filters to decode, deduce, and decide what is relevant takes valuable time and can result in long delays between attack, detection, and containment.

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Should Networked Safety Systems be Connected to Control Systems in Critical Applications

January 06, 2015 Added by:Joe Weiss

The interconnected networking of control and safety systems is making these processes much more productive, but more cyber vulnerable, and potentially less safe.

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Let's Encrypt (the Entire Web): 2014 in Review

January 06, 2015 Added by:Electronic Frontier Foundation

We've been pursuing the ideas that turned into Let's Encrypt for three years, so it was a great pleasure to be able to share what we've been working on with the world.

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Does Your Valuable Data Belong to Hackers?

January 05, 2015 Added by:Thu Pham

Every organization, regardless of size, is comprised of a variety of sensitive data - from HR and payroll handling medical, financial and personally identifiable employee data to your precious intellectual property. And each of these data types can be sold for a price on the black market, making them valuable to attackers financially as well as for blackmail purposes.

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Addressing Mobile Risks in 2015

January 01, 2015 Added by:Rebecca Herold

We are literally putting more responsibility for the security of our business assets into the hands of our employees.

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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Network Administrators

December 31, 2014 Added by:Patrick Oliver Graf

Although it’s been a historically troubling year for the cybersecurity community, the advantage of a new year is that network administrators can make a fresh start.

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The Right Security Framework For Your Small Business

December 30, 2014 Added by:Tripwire Inc

A great way to begin to secure your organization is to get a baseline of where you are now and set goals to improve your security stature.

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NSA Published Reports Containing Declassified Compliance Errors

December 29, 2014 Added by:Pierluigi Paganini

The National Security Agency (NSA) has released a collection of compliance reports that details failures and errors in compliance to US laws on surveillance.

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JPMorgan Hackers Compromised Server Unprotected by Two-factor Authentication

December 24, 2014 Added by:Brian Prince

A server that lacked two-factor authentication was the gateway hackers used to breach JPMorgan Chase this year, according to a report.

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