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Why Cyber Security Should Be at the Top of Your Christmas List

December 17, 2020 Added by:Steve Durbin

To take advantage of emerging trends in both technology and cyberspace, businesses need to manage risks in ways beyond those traditionally handled by the information security function.

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United States Federal Government’s Shift to Identity-Centric Security

December 17, 2020 Added by:Frank Briguglio

Governments are increasingly facing new legislation, standards, frameworks, and policies to protect critical and sensitive information.

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A New Strategy for DDoS Protection: Log Analysis on Steroids

August 26, 2020 Added by:Dave Armlin

Incorporating a data lake philosophy into your security strategy is like putting log analysis on steroids.

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SecurityWeek to Host Cloud Security Summit Virtual Event on August 13, 2020

August 12, 2020 Added by:InfosecIsland News

SecurityWeek will host its 2020 Cloud Security Summit virtual eventon Thursday, August 13, 2020.

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Avoiding Fuelling the Cyber-Crime Economy

August 11, 2020 Added by:Marc Wilczek

What drives the cyber-crime economy, and how can organizations prevent their data being used as a criminal commodity?

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Holding public cloud security to account

August 10, 2020 Added by:Avishai Wool

The public cloud provides great flexibility and cost management for organizations, but what about security?

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Ending the Cloud Security Blame Game

July 08, 2020 Added by:Avishai Wool

Security is primarily your responsibility – with help from the cloud provider.

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Benchmarking the State of the CISO in 2020

March 27, 2020 Added by:Marc Wilczek

A run-down of Cisco's 2020 CISO Benchmark Report.

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When Data Is Currency, Who’s Responsible for Its Security?

February 11, 2020 Added by:Jason Bevis

With recent security incidents, we've caught a glimpse of the role that data enrichment, aggregators and brokers play in security. What type of responsibility do these parties bear in protecting consumer data and privacy?

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Five Key Cyber-Attack Trends for This Year

January 14, 2020 Added by:Marc Wilczek

5 key cyber-attack trends that are expected to develop during the coming months.

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20/20 Vision on 2020's Network Security Challenges

January 13, 2020 Added by:Avishai Wool

Organizations will likely need to embrace more automation across all security and compliance-related processes.

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Myth Busters: How to Securely Migrate to the Cloud

October 17, 2019 Added by:Bill Saltys

Security must remain a top priority for IT professionals during the migration process, and there is a successful pathway to safely and securely migrate to the cloud.

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Three Strategies to Avoid Becoming the Next Capital One

August 30, 2019 Added by:George Gerchow

Three strategies to preventing catastrophic cloud security issues.

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5 Limitations of Network-Centric Security in the Cloud

August 19, 2019 Added by:Sanjay Kalra

Traditional security solutions aim to identify threats at the perimeter of the enterprise, but threats targeting public clouds require a different level of insight and action.

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Today’s Top Public Cloud Security Threats …And How to Thwart Them

June 21, 2019 Added by:Michael Koyfman

In order to thwart exposure, companies must have the capability to look at all cloud environments and perform assessments of how such resources are secured.

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Utilising the Benefits of Industrial Robots Securely

June 05, 2019 Added by:Jalal Bouhdada

The benefits of industrial robots won’t be achieved for long if they are not deployed with cybersecurity at their core.

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