Cyber Intelligence and Open Source Techniques

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cyber Intelligence and counterintelligence can be an exciting field of endeavor.

The National Counterintelligence Executive states that counterintelligence plays a critical role in reversing the benefits that cyber operations afford our adversaries.

Cyber intelligence collection and analysis increases our understanding of the adversary and how to defend against them.

As an adjunct instructor of cyber intelligence (CYB610) and counterintelligence (CYB615) at Utica College, students use live exercises to supplement the academic readings and theories.

Recently, the student’s in the CYB610 class performed a full open source intelligence (OSINT) targeting, collection, production and analysis of data.

The curricula consisted of the standard readings and an overview of OSINT tools and methods anonymity to ensure operational security. The class teaches the students about cybercriminal and foreign intelligence agency methods.

The curriculum is designed this way so students not only learn the methods of our enemies but use these methods as well. The Intelligence Analysis and Production capability provides the ability to merge data and information for the purpose of analyzing, linking, and disseminating timely and actionable intelligence with an emphasis on the larger public safety and the national threat picture.

This capability includes the examination of raw data to identify threat and deliver threat estimates, recognize potentially harmful patterns, or connect suspicious links to discern potential indications or warnings.

The course delivers not only academic theory but practical, hands-on exercises that support the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative.

The goals of the courses establish and expand cyber intelligence and counterintelligence education and awareness by integrating counterintelligence into cyber operations and analysis.

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