ENISA Calls for Permanent Stakeholders’ Group Experts

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Executive Director of ENISA is opening a call for expression of interest in the next term of office for the Permanent Stakeholders’ Group (PSG).

The PSG acts as advisory body for ENISA's Executive Director in Performing his duties. It also helps to ensure communication with stakeholders on issues related to the Agency's work programme.

The PSG will be composed of leading experts in network and information security and/or network and information security related matters representing relevant stakeholders, such as information and communication technologies industry, consumer and user organisations, as well as academic and research institutions.

The mandate of the group is described in Article 1 of the Rules regarding the establishment of the PSG1, which have been decided by the Management Board and are made public on the ENISA web site www.enisa.europa.eu.

Further details can be found in ENISA's official Call for Expressions of Interest here:

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