Mafiaboy Sees Security Problems for Cloud Computing

Sunday, November 28, 2010



Former teenage hacker tuned white hat consultant expressed serious security concerns for the blossoming cloud computing industry at the Hitachi Data Systems' (HDS) annual Information Forum.

Michael Calce, who gained fame a decade ago for his denial of service attacks (DoS) that took down the websites of giants like Yahoo and and Amazon, says vulnerabilities are inherent in the cloud computing model and that hackers will take advantage at a great cost to businesses.

Calce's main concerns are focused on the unmitigated vulnerabilities in Internet infrastructure, and says old problems need to be fixed prior to expanding services available through the web.

"These businesses are a lot more at risk today than ever before. So much data is available, and being put into the cloud. Raising awareness of security is very critical to where the cloud is moving. We're always taking on security as an afterthought. We should redesign the protocols behind the Internet to make it less exploitable," Calce advises.

Calce went on to equate the problem to building a new house on an old, faulty foundation, and recommends that known vulnerabilities need to be addressed before exposing a slew of critical proprietary data via cloud computing services.

Representatives from the conference's host company Hitachi Data Systems, a cloud services vendor, of course do not agree part and parcel with Calce's conclusion, but agreed that the topic of security in the cloud was an important topic that needs to be addressed.


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