The Cloud Needs More Security and Lower Prices

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bill Gerneglia


Another survey has found a sharp increase over the last year in enterprises' plans to migrate toward cloud computing, and this one adds better pricing to tighter security as a major obstacle hindering faster adoption.

The Tech Pulse survey by Boston marker research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey found 28 percent of 247 survey respondents polled in August had aggressive plans to move to the cloud.

A similar poll in early 2009 found 15 percent reporting similar plans.

In a measure of how aggressive these plans are, the survey said respondents expected to more than double the workload running on cloud architecture within the next two years.

The survey reflected increased willingness to actually write checks, following a long period of what Chris Neal, vice president of Chadwick Martin Bailey's technology and telecom practice, said was hype about cloud computing.

"We're now seeing that all the industry marketing dollars spent on promoting cloud computing have started to actually move the needle," Neal said.

But security concerns continue to keep that needle from swinging too wildly. In this poll, 32 percent of respondent  cited security as a top concern with the cloud.

That was nearly double the popularity of the next-biggest issue, which was better pricing from cloud suppliers, requested by 17 percent.

Reliability came much lower on the list, cited as a top concern by just 7 percent. The other two specific issues, relating to integration and ROI, were also-rans, selected as top concerns by just 3 percent and 2 percent of respondents, respectively.

Twenty-one percent listed other issues and "None" was the choice of 6 percent of those asked about top concerns with the cloud.

Security was the big reason for another finding, namely, that IT departments favor internal cloud solutions over external cloud solutions, the survey found.

Another reason is that IT professionals find the skill level of their current channel partners lacking when it comes to cloud-based solutions.

Most (54 percent) indicated that current channel partners need additional training to support a transition to the cloud.

Another 12 feel current channel partners are "not at all prepared" to help with their organization's move to cloud computing.

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