Meet the Most Dangerous Domain - .VN

Monday, November 15, 2010



More than half of the domains with the suffex .VN contain malicious code meant to infect surfers and steal sensitive information, according to research released by McAfee.

.VN is the riskiest national domain to visit, exceeded only by the ubiquitous .COM and .INFO - and it has rocketed from 39th place to 3rd most dangerous overall in the last year.

Obviously concerned about the impact to their blossoming global presence in the marketplace, Vietnamese officials attempted to cast doubt on the report, stating:

“It is nearly impossible to see the number of dangerous websites increasing so dramatically over just one year."

Previously, Kaperski researchers had released a report with findings similar to those in the McAfee report.

Criminal networks, botnets, and hackers are typically attracted to domains with comparatively low registration fees and those which do not undergo as much scrutiny by the host nation, thereby reducing the cost of operations and likelihood of detection.

Internet users should always exercise caution when visiting unfamiliar websites and foreign domains.

If uncertain about the veracity of a website, it is highly recommended that surfers use one of the many free website scanning tools available form reputable companies, such as Symantec's SafeWeb.

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