Will A Security Conference Help Your Company?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lee Munson


For people who work in the world of computers, we all get our experiences in different ways. Some of us are born to type on the keys as part of our passion and we gain most of our knowledge just from experimenting at a young age.

While others of us are late bloomers and we start to learn how a computer truly works from classes in high school and most likely college.

But no matter how good you may think that you know computers, you have to understand that the world of computer security is a different beast all together.

If you were a hacker as a kid then you can take comfort that you have at least a passing knowledge of computer security.

But if you were a person who just used to mess around on the computer and did not try to break the system, then you have a whole world that needs to be opened up to you. A lot of these people work in the IT field now.

They help make sure that the computers in the offices around the world are running like they are supposed to. They are also, for the most part, in charge of the security as well.

As I said earlier, knowing how to secure a system takes more than just knowing about computers in general. That’s why it helps if you send your IT guy to some of the computer security conferences that happen every year.

Why send them to a conference?

There is a very easy answer to this question; it is because their knowledge will increase greatly. People who go to some of the computer security conferences learn a great deal from not just the other guys on the same side that they are on but from the bad guys as well.

The security conferences are a place where both white and black hat hackers come out to show what they have discovered over the past year. The one thing that a hacker cares about more than money in this world is respect from his peers.

Bringing a new and interesting attack to the attention of his peers is the one thing that will get him noticed. Most security conferences are known as a place where it is all about the education of the individuals and not about the politics of who is a good guy and who is a bad guy.

Getting to see these kinds of attacks in person and being able to ask questions will allow your IT guy to go back home or work and set up the network to the specifications needed to defend itself from these types of attack.

There is no better way to head off an impending attack than already knowing how it works and setting your system up to counteract it. And that is the great thing about most of these conferences as well.

They will show you how to defend yourself from some of the attacks that they show. The person will walk with you step by step through the attack and afterwards they will talk to the group on how the attack can be stopped.

Does your IT guy have the knowledge to implement what he has learned at the conference?

While your IT guy might be good, he may not be able to fully comprehend some of the attacks that he witnessed at the security conference. There is a lot of high level programming that goes into one of these attacks and some of them might deal with parts of the computer that the IT guy does not know about.

If that is the case then at least he still knows what he is missing and he can help you bring in someone that will know about the attacks that the system needs to be defended from.

If he didn't go to the conference in the first place he wouldn't be able to get you this far. You can bring in a freelance consultant and your IT guy will be able to go over his work to a small degree and make sure that he checks for everything that he is supposed to.

This is all because of the knowledge that he gained from the conference.

If you want to make sure that you have all your bases covered when it comes to the security of your network, then you must make sure that the people who are in charge of guarding it are properly trained.

You do this by getting them all of the material that they need. If that material requires that you send them to a security conference then that is what you have to do. If you do not get this done, then you will be easy pickings for the bad guys out there.

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