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Thursday, October 21, 2010

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The Computer Forensics Show, November 1-2, 2010 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, is a strategically important for all IT Security, Legal, Accounting, Risk Management, Executive and Law Enforcement professionals.

As a media partner, Infosec Island is pleased to help promote this conference.

For individuals and companies currently not familiar with computer forensics, The Computer Forensics Show will address issues that your organization needs to be aware of and to help you prepare to deal with potential problem areas that may dramatically impact your bottom line.

For IT professionals already familiar with computer forensics, The Computer Forensics Show assembles the leading minds and operational experts in the industry who will inform you about industry developments, technology advances and trends.

One of the premier sessions is titled, How a Business Can Benefit from Managed Network Security and a UTM Device

The session will outline the benefits of managed network security, such as how it enables an IT department to operate without in-depth understanding of the various security functions; describe the many functions and advantages of having a unified threat management appliance; and detail the many ways a managed security/UTM combination offers the most cost-effective solution - an important consideration for and kind of business or organization, especially in tough economic times.

The presenter, Network Box USA Chief Technology Officer Pierluigi Stella, will put forth the many advantages for an organization to outsource its network security to a managed service.

He will show how it enables an IT department to operate without in-depth understanding of the various security functions, such as gateway protection, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention; virtual private networks; security monitoring; incident management: vulnerability assessment and penetration testing; and anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering.

He will demonstrate how an organization improves security without increasing costs. Outsourcing enables it to free up resources to be used for other mission-critical purposes; maintain operational flexibility by allowing peak requirements to be met while avoiding the cost of hiring new staff; obtain current technology or capability that would otherwise have to be hired or acquired by retraining; avoid infrastructure obsolescence by giving the responsibility for technical currency to someone else; and control operating costs, or turn fixed costs into variable ones, through the use of predictable fees.

The presenter will also discuss that an organization not in the security business is not likely to track and address all potential threats and vulnerabilities, whereas a service provider can often obtain advance warning of new vulnerabilities and gain early access to information on countermeasures; this part of the session will include an online demonstration of a security-monitoring function that reports near real-time results 24/7.

For the UTM part of the solution, the presenter will explain the many advantages a UTM offers - such as increased security; reduced complexity, cost of ownership and overall maintenance; not having the difficulties of getting different devices to interface with each other; and a simplified architecture that translates into fewer chances for errors because there's only one device to manage.

He will explore the challenges of various solutions being from different vendors, such as having to learn the different ways of managing the various services, with all the inconsistencies this involves.

Managing a UTM device is also a complex task, and the presenter will show how any function - whether it's on the appliance or on a server of its own - needs to be managed and how dealing with just a single device is the best solution, especially when its provided and backed up by the managed security service, which enjoy full expertise with the device.

Session Learning Objectives

Session attendees will gain a better understanding of the benefits offered by a combination of managed security and a unified threat management device. They will be able to evaluate the cost-efficiency of both components of the security solution.

The audience will see how using a managed security service gives them access to a skilled staff whose full time job is computer security and who can be on-guard 24/7, enabling an organization's IT department to focus on other important functions.

Attendees will also experience a managed security service's dynamic web page that presents an up-to-the-minute picture of various Internet threats around the world.

Finally, attendees will grasp the synergy encompassed in a UTM appliance - how it provides more through, effective security than a collection of single-function devices can, such as tracking and correlating Internet threats from multiple sources.

SPEAKER BIO: Pierluigi Stella is CTO of the American arm of a global managed security provider with its own UTM appliance. In his six years as head of both the technical and customer service divisions of his company, he has helped organizations of all kinds develop their security policies. In addition, he has authored articles on network security for such publications as Communications News and Security Matters.

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