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Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Due to the current economic climate, heavily tasked compliance leads have to work harder to really demonstrate the additional value their initiatives are bringing to an enterprise. IT departments, crucial to those compliance efforts, have also felt the sting of reduced budgets and staff.

Nearly ten years since the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the impact of this monumental regulatory mandate on information security efforts is becoming apparent. In a recent interview, Internet Security Alliance President and CEO Larry Clinton expressed concern that the increased focus on enterprise compliance may be undermining information security efforts.

"Clearly there was some low hanging fruit that SOX may have initially helped harvest and thus created some improvements.  However, we are also hearing that the complexities of the regulatory and auditing systems are now having a counter-productive effect on cybersecurity. In short, many organizations are now devoting their cybersecurity resources primarily to audit compliance which does not necessarily correspond to improved security.  Indeed by drawing resources away from actual security to focus on regulatory compliance we may well be weakling our security..."

Now more than ever, compliance and information security professionals need to redouble cooperative efforts to ensure that federal mandates are achieved and enterprise operability is maintained in the face of declining resources.

The 20th Edition SOX Compliance & Evolution to GRC Conference, held from November 4-5, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA, will focus on the role that cross-application of controls will have on the continued evolution of SOX programs, drawing on the expertise of those charged with achieving the right blend of compliance and risk-based methodologies necessary to meet federal requirements. For A Full Conference Agenda, Click Here.

This conference will give information security and SOX practitioners a unique opportunity to review updates on the future of SOX compliance including how to create a global and mature SOX system with integrated GRC efforts.

Attendees will gain insight into how developing various levels of control and sign off, formalizing and strengthening internal checks, ensuring financial reports exercise full disclosure and guarantee that your corporate governance is managed with precision.

Key Features of the Conference:

  • Review innovative approaches for the successful launch and maintenance of a control self-assessment initiative
  • Formulate methodologies to align senior management attention with the most pressing compliance priorities
  • Ascertain the role a cross application of controls will have for the evolution of SOX programs
  • Realize the necessity of a structured training and continuing education curriculum to ensure consistent performance of SOX controls and integrated GRC efforts

Senior executives from leading organizations will present their take on the required blend of compliance and risk-based strategies/methodologies that are necessary to meet federal mandates while developing greater efficiency across their GRC efforts.

Speakers Include:

  • Lyle Smith, Director, SOX Compliance for Wal-Mart
  • Bill Spierdowis, Director, Internal Controls for Covidien
  • Angel Caballero, Assistant Vice President, Compliance Officer for Daiwa Capital Markets
  • Denis Gorgemans, Director, Global SOX Compliance for First Data Corporation
  • Rob Moonen, Global SOX Compliance Manager for Ericsson
  • Jason Holler, Senior Manager Integrated Assurance US IS SOX Lead for AstraZeneca
  • Jason Hopkins. IT Manager Enterprise Compliance for Medtronic
  • Paul Obenshain, Internal Audit, Sarbanes - Oxley for 21st Century
  • Jason Leon, Senior Audit Manager for Ryder
  • Doug Roswold, Principal and Enterprise SOX Compliance for Medtronic
  • Andrew Levy, Director of Continuous Assurance Audit for Becton Dickinson
  • Anne Knapper, Director of SOX Compliance for Wilmington Trust
  • Tammy Marquis, SOX Compliance Manager for Mohawk Industries
  • Yasemin Agatan, Director of SOX and IFRS Compliance for Unisys
  • Hadley Evans, Jr., M.S., Director of Internal Audits for TIAA-CREF

This is not a trade show! The SOX Compliance conference series is targeted at a focused group of senior level executives to maintain an intimate atmosphere for the delegates and speakers. Since this is not a vendor driven conference, the higher level focus allows the delegates to network with their industry peers and speakers.

For more information on this conference, please visit: marcus evans

Or Contact Michele Westergaard, 312-540-3000 ext. 6625, 20

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