Got Go Bag? Musings on Physical Security

Friday, September 10, 2010

shawn merdinger

While we most often think about security issues from the information protection viewpoint on Infosec Island, it's useful to review physical security scenarios and preparedness.

For myself, this question is a bit more pressing as of late since I unfortunately happen to live and work only a few miles from a now infamous "church" whose "pastor" is threatening to burn Quorans.

Don't people remember the last time a pastor named Jones raised a ruckus? And to think I was hoping that the "Don't taze me, bro" and "Don't shoot me in the face with your M4, bro" situations had provided Gainesville, Florida enough bad attention and distressing excitement for a sleepy college town...silly me for dreaming.

So, here's the question:  If you had to get up from your desk/couch/bed right now and leave because of an emergency, what would you bring with you to survive for 72 hours, on your own, with no support?

Oh, and you've only got 3 minutes to think and pack....tick tock...tick tock.

You've probably several items that you need.  Perhaps some critical medications?  For certain you'd need food, water, first aid, some kind of materials for shelter, change of clothes, sturdy gloves, cash in low-denomination bills, coins for vending/laundry, back-up cell phone and charger, pair of walkie-talkies, batteries, etc.

Thankfully, there are some very good sites that cover how to make your own personal Go Bag:

    * WikiHow:


    * Jump Kits:

10 years ago the idea of making a Go Bag might have been be met with some level of incredulity -- and quite possibly a bit of ribbing. Nowadays if someone gives you grief about a Go Bag, just mention SuperDome and Katrina, show them this picture (or many more), and watch them promptly shut up.

If you're lucky, your Go Bag is an item that you will never need.  I sincerely hope that you don't need it; and I hope I'll never need mine, especially this weekend as I expect to be busy updating my resume in search of safer waters.

Hmmm, San Diego is pretty nice I hear...
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Peter Abatan My Go Bag will contain my laptop and my passport to identify who I am. Regarding food, I'll be fine somehow nature has a way of providing.
Allan Pratt, MBA Excellent reminders, thanks for posting, Shawn.
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