Infosec Island Security News Digest for 8-06-2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

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Converged Infrastructure Means Endless Possibilities  In an exclusive interview Dave Donatelli, EVP and GM, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking, at Hewlett Packard spoke to Rahul Neel Mani in Las Vegas during HP Tech Forum on Converged Infrastructure...

Dr. InfoSec's Quotes of the Week (005)  Who said: "Eventually, virus writers will realize it is easier to make money by infecting phones than it is by infecting computers... And, of course, there are more phones on this planet than there are computers..."?

Win a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Course Infosec Island professionals who have completed their member profiles prior to August 31, 2010 will have the opportunity to win a seat at an exclusive and highly comprehensive cyber security training course being offered by Global Knowledge...

Recovering from a Phish  If you respond to a phish, you usually give up your email account and password, your network login and password at work, bank account and PIN or credit/debit card and PIN, or your PayPal credentials. The criminals that harvest this information apply it almost immediately...

Get the Most Out of Security Awareness Training  The whole idea is to turn your personnel into net cops. If you can do that, you can turn your own people into the best IDS system there is, and for a lot less money than you would spend on machines or hosted services…or for cleaning up a security incident...

What is that Facebook Friend's Motivation?  When she contacted me she had 12 friends. Now she has 18. All dumb dudes that have no idea that she is a scammer in an internet café in Nigeria. Why would anyone facilitate a scam by providing this scammer legitimacy by friending them?

Is Your Company Vulnerable to Social Engineering?  With just two phone calls, a hacker posing as a Louisiana-based employee handling claims involving the Gulf oil spill was able to trick a computer support employee at BP into divulging sensitive information that could have proved crucial in launching a network attack... is a vendor-neutral professional community committed to serving the needs of SMBs and mid-market enterprises, and large corporations across multiple industries, government agencies, educational organizations, legal, financial, and healthcare sectors. Memberhsip is free - join today!

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