Checking if ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS is Enabled

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Application Security, Inc.


By Alex Rothacker, Manager Team SHATTER, Application Security, Inc. 

Application Security, Inc.'s Team SHATTER (Security Heuristics of Application Testing Technology for Enterprise Research) has starting taking database security and vulnerability questions.

Our first question was submitted by @jedimercer asking:

How can I verify ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS is enabled on an Oracle Database when I can access the TNS listener but I do not have database credentials?

In order to check the ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS flag, it usually requires proper credentials to the Oracle database. However, there is an unofficial way to work around this if you have access to the listener.

Trying to set the LOG_STATUS will return a TNS-12508 error if the ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS flag is set.

See the following example from the lsnrctl prompt:



LISTENER parameter "log_status" set to ON

The command completed successfully



TNS-12508: TNS:listener could not resolve the COMMAND given

First, get the current status of the LOG_STATUS flag and then try to set it to that same status. You're not trying to change any settings here - you just want to know if you can.  

In the case that the SET LOG_STATUS command succeeds, the ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS flag is not set.

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