Invitation to Webinar on Data-Centric Security

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eli Talmor


Welcome to webinar on data-centric security, presented by Dr. Eli Talmor ,
Founder and CEO of SentryCom ( ,  to be held on June 23 , 09:00 EDT, 14:00 BST, 22:00 JST at the following link:

Webinar Summary:   

Current status of protection provided by IT security will be reviewed. Traditional IT security have relied upon guarding the perimeter of a company's network. Businesses realize that rather than continuing to add layers of security, it's more effective to protect critical data, regardless of where it resides or moves.

This presentation will discuss data-centric security solutions for online transaction using browser channel, such as banking transfers, ecommerce purchases, insurance claims filings, healthcare drug prescriptions and Internet voting.

Following that we will discuss data-centric protection of unstructured data files such as office documents and pdf's, spreadsheets, presentations, imagery, audio, video, zip  irrespective whether the reside on Enterprise servers, on user's laptops, on USB drives , sent by email or uploaded to Cloud storage.

We believe that the key to adoption of data-centric security is the ease of use and the ease of integration. To this end: 5÷15 sec of user's time to protect data and SaaS delivery is our value proposition.

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