How to use Metasploit

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mark Bennett


Metasploit 101 - Putting it all together. Check it out here at our website

People have been asking me to show some basic metasploit and how you use it. I recently did a security show for the Michigan ISSA folks where we showed everyone how to use it. So I figured I would re-hash that as well as build on it to give you a good feel for what you can do. So I created a video (see video on our site) and in the video I show you how to own a box, as well as different commands you can use and how they work. We will use the aurora exploit, with (and without) the meterpreter, keylogging, victim enumeration, timestomp (to mess with a forensic timeline), backdoors, and more!

Metasploit 101 - Putting it all together. Check it out here at our website

~Mark Bennett

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Infosec Island Admin I'm going to post the video inline with this article as soon as I process and compress it
Mark Bennett Thank You!!
Dan Heitzmann Mark, thanks for taking the time to put together that video...great stuff which could be used in an end user awareness training session on how social engineering works!
hamza karmani thank you
ming liu Hi,everybody!

someone can help about metasploit common ?

msf > use post/multi/gather/dns_reverse_lookup
msf post(dns_reverse_lookup) > set RHOSTS [TARGET HOST RANGE]
msf post(dns_reverse_lookup) > set SESSION [INTEGER]

here is the Usage Information

RHOSTS IP Range to perform reverse lookup against

SESSION The session to run this module on

I know set first one : set RHOSTS or

but I don't know how to set " SESSION " someone can help?
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