What does LifeLock do exactly?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fred Williams


We have all seen the ads for Lifelock on TV (they do a good job of putting their brand out there) promising to protect your identity with fearmongering ads.  It sounds like a great idea but since I've never signed up for the service, I have no idea what it provides.

Whatever they do, it seems they don't apply the seemingly valuable service to it's own employees.  Reading Slashdot this morning I came across an article http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=10/05/27/0113221 "Lifelock worries after employee data leaked to the Web.". 

Further linking to the Phoenix Times online revealed a pattern of ineptitute from the company and since they were based in Tempe, Arizona, the Phoenix Times picks on them like a big brother bullying his kid brother.

The Phoenix Times reports that even after a $12 million dollar penalty for deceptive advertising, LifeLock still refuses to refute that they cannot protect your identity.  The company CEO put up a website that was active until early May 2010 (www.todddavislifelock.com) that supposedly put his own personal SSN to prove he was confident in LifeLock's ability to protect him.  Futher investigation shows that Todd Davis has been a victim of identity theft approximately 13 times.

The company refuses to believe that it simply cannot protect anyone's identity and the service is a waste of money.  Worse yet, the service could be a factor in increasing its customers risk of becoming an identity theft victim.

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dgonzalez There was an amusing story some time ago about how Life Lock’s CEO Todd Davis's SSN was stolen. If you've ever seen or heard any of their TV or Radio commercials, you’ll recall that he display and says his personal SSN #, boosting that he is so confidant in his company's service, that he isn’t afraid to show his SSN to everyone.

Well it was basically stolen and someone took out a $500 loan with it.


Seems like he tried to down play it by saying it was only a $500 loan, BUT the fact of the matter still remains. His very own SSN # was stolen despite the fact that his own service was “protecting” it! I may be wrong but seems like a joke, sort of like those “speed up my pc” or “free online spyware scan” commercials I see on TV.

They are so cheesy I can’t imagine anyone actually trying that stuff…
Ray Tan It is really ridiculous, as an security software vendor, they even can not protect themselves.
Fred Williams The CEO seemed to flaunt it to the masses and they responded by hitting him 13 times for identity theft! More information reveals that Lifelock asked the NY Times to remove a police report PDF, because, get this, anyone could download the PDF, cut and paste into Word and reveal personal information of another Lifelock employee.

Lifelock boasts 1.7 million customers using the service!
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