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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Javvad Malik


Infosec sometimes unfairly gets a lot of bad press for being a barrier to business goals and objectives. How infosec professionals don’t understand business needs and drivers. How pouring money into security is about as good as burning it.

But infosec has improved the quality of working and the lives of workers the world over. The top reasons are listed below:

1. Physical hours per week:
Infosec has made advances in remote working, laptop security and information sharing possible to the degree that you don’t need to be based in one office all the time. This allows you to stet up a system of smoke and mirrors which results in co-workers having no idea of your physical location.  As long as you show up at these buildings on a regular basis, you can usually work the system and cut out 2-3 hours from your work day.

2. Actual Hours per week:
All project managers should be eternally grateful to the difficult to decipher infosec requirements. Having security requirements that refer to security policies which refer to regulations is just brilliant. This allows them to factor in bloated estimates and deadlines that are severely exaggerated in order to successfully meet goals.

3. Fire exits
OK so fire exits aren’t specifically driven by infosec, but it is a security requirement. The fire exit gives smokers everywhere a convenient spot to go out for a bit of fresh air. It gives that tipsy couple at the office party a secluded place to let the alcohol take over and most of all it gives slackers the opportunity to sneak into work at any time without their boss even noticing.

4. Internet blocking software:
OK so you probably despise the fact that your internet blocking software prevents you from accessing facebook at your desk. But the good thing is that this software creates a sense of control and security for your boss. He is lulled into believing that whenever you’re on the internet, it must be for work purposes only. Whereas you’re actually reading this site.

5. Password reset procedures:
Every system and door has a password, or access card or some other security device which slows you down. This is known as the unofficial half day holiday trap. You come into work after a break and don’t feel like getting into the swing of things straight away, so you pretend you’ve forgotten your passwords and ask for all 23 of them to be reset knowing full well that the authorisation, dual checking process will easily take you through to lunchtime.

6. Getting to know your customer:
If you’re a teenager on your first job working in a bank branch then you must love the whole know your customer process. Of course this process adds a lot of hassle for the customer as they have to bring in 8 different types of ID and fill out a few hundred pages of forms. But this was really designed so that you could spend a few hours getting to know that pretty blonde girl who comes in to open an account… and get paid for it!

So get down on your knees and be grateful that there are infosec people in this world who make your life that little bit more bearable!

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