Why we did it, and don't want to make money from it..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jason Remillard


So, if you have an RSS reader or aggregator tracking hacking/security related topics, you may have caught the release information about our free wordpress security plugin, WP-Secure by SSM.

Its not magical, its not very sophisticate, and it was easy to do.  Essentially, we took the  best practices of locking down a Wordpress Blog, and automated them.  We found that the majority of our clients (wordpress-related) didn't do even the basics of system lockdown.

We designed it  for simple single clicks for the changes (like renaming the admin account, protecting a few directories, etc.)

We feel its important to give your customers/users not just 'how to' articles - which vary widely in quality, quantity and variety.  Its important to give them the tools.

So we wrote the plugin with these things in mind.  Simple, searchable from the plugin area of Wordpress..  It installs slickly, and is fairly 'dummy proof'.  We wanted it simple and easy.

Oh, and of course, free.  We did this as a service to the community and have had hundreds of downloads in less than 1 week!

So, go ahead and try it out yourself here at wordpress, or review the details here.  If you have comments or suggestions, go ahead and drop us a note!



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