Google Says It’s Not Practical to Fix Flaws in Pre-KitKat Android

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eduard Kovacs


Researchers reported earlier this month that Google was no longer patching vulnerabilities affecting the WebView component in Android Jelly Bean (4.3) and prior. The search giant has motivated its decision by saying that it’s no longer practical to apply patches to old branches.

Over the past months, security experts identified several vulnerabilities in the WebView used by the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) browser shipped by default with versions of Android older than KitKat (4.4). After reporting the issues to Google, researchers were informed that the company is no longer developing patches for older versions of WebView, but pointed out that those who report bugs can submit patches for consideration.

Some researchers believe the company should not neglect these versions of the operating system because, according to Google's own statistics, approximately 60% of devices still run Android Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, and Froyo.

“The news of Google not only abandoning security updates to its WebView in version 4.3 and below, but also the lack of transparency of doing so, is proof that device makers won’t be responsible for security indefinitely, letting the weight fall on corporate IT/Security departments in their stead,” Domingo Guerra, president and co-founder of Appthority, told SecurityWeek when the news broke. “With Android market share being #1 worldwide, it is hugely concerning, and surprising, that Google is leaving such a large install-base out in the wind.”

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