Webcast: How Gaps In SSH Security Create an Open Door for Attackers

Monday, October 27, 2014

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Please join us on Thursday, Oct. 30th at 1PM ET for a special webcast: Gaps In SSH Security Create an Open Door for Attackers, presented by Venafi.

Almost half of IT security professionals reported they experienced compromised or misused Secure Shell (SSH) keys in the last 24 months. The majority of the survey respondents rely on overburdened system administrators to self-govern their SSH keys. Unfortunately the result is ineffective security practices that leave the organization exposed.

Forrester Research, analyst, John Kindervag, emphasizes, “Two-thirds of IT security professionals do not perform the necessary checks for unauthorized use of SSH keys.”

Forrester research exposing the state of SSH in most organizations. In this webinar, you will be provided with some recommendations how to mitigate the vulnerabilities that exist that exploit SSH keys and the gaps within an organization that leaves SSH keys vulnerable to these attacks.

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• Review the Forrester Research findings on the state of SSH in the enterprise network

• Learn what strategies need to be implemented to mitigate trust-based attacks

• Understand the risks of not mitigating trust-based attacks

PRESENTER: Gavin Hill – Director of Product Marketing & Threat Intelligence

Photo of Gavin Hill, Director of Product Marketing & Threat Intelligence at Venafi

With over a 15 years of experience in product development and product marketing in the cyber security space, Gavin Hill is particularly adept at identifying where enterprises are at risk and developing products that mitigate the risks related to evolving cyber threats. At Venafi he is responsible for the threat intelligence, focusing on Next-Generation Trust Protection and product marketing. Before working at Venafi, Gavin held a variety of leadership positions at Bitdefender and Trend Micro where he identified risks associated with data storage and workloads in the cloud. Under his direction, Bitdefender released a first to market AV as a service, and at Trend Micro developed another first to market product to encrypt data in the cloud while storing the encryption keys separate from the cloud provider.

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