Cyber Command’s Budget Doubles

Monday, January 20, 2014

Joel Harding


According to the Washington Post, here, the budget of the US Cyber Command has doubled from $212 million to $447 million. This covers the addition of 4,000 staff personnel, among other things.Cyber Command Logo

What does that mean? Not much, when it all comes down to operations. This soon to be combatant command (my prediction) will now have the ability to fund some strategic initiatives, but the preponderance of money for cyber operations will remain with the Services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines), as it should be. The Services, under USC Title 10, have the responsibility to “train, man and equip” the Service components of the US Cyber Command.

$447 million, what will that buy US Cyber Command?  It will fully fund their command and staff traveling to tour a bunch of places. They really need to, as cyber expertise exists all over the nation and of course the command and staff is sought after to meet and speak with people all over the world.  Friendlies, hopefully and yes, a few of the potential bad guys, too.  Bottom line, nobody knew what it would cost to stand up and run the world’s first Cyber Command.  I’m sure Cyber Command wanted a lot more, this is probably a reasonable request.

Will that pay for Cyber weapons? No, that’s a Service responsibility.  It might fund the discovery of some new techniques, pay for some new exploits and it will probably fund some great distributed databases. Distributed, being the key issue here, they’re not going to create a vulnerability by consolidating capabilities, limitations or vulnerabilites in one place. To do less would be uncivilized.

I’m constantly surprised at how rich people believe Cyber Command’s budget is.  I’m constantly amused at the reaction to how poor Cyber Command really is.

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