Webcast: Addressing the Open Doors in Your APT Strategy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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A Blueprint for the Perfect Attack: Addressing the Open Doors in Your APT Strategy

July 17, 2013 at 1PM ET

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When it comes to advanced persistent threats (APTs), bad actors will take advantage of any and every exploit that they can use to steal your data, and look for the weakest link in your security systems. Common, well-known trust exploits like digitally signed malware with stolen private keys, poor key and certificate management, fraudulent certificates, and weak outdated cryptographic methods are all still in place in many organizations.

Join SecurityWeek and Venafi for this live, interactive Webcast to:

  • Gain insight into the current trust exploits and how recent research places Global 2000 organizations at nearly $400 million in exposure over two years
  • Find out some of the top threats and concerns that global 2000 organizations are facing today, and understand where you fit in on the industry scorecard for trust exploits
  • Learn what steps you need to take in order to gain control over trust and ensure proper enterprise-wide key and certificate management

With APTs leveraging these weaknesses, it’s critical to have visibility and control of enterprise key and certificate inventories. Cyber criminals understand that the easy targets are those organizations that have little visibility into their threat surface and cannot respond quickly. We need to gain control over trust; we need to plug the gap related to key & certificate-based exploits.

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