Infographic: Staying Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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ThreatMetrix, a provider of cybercrime prevention solutions, shared several fraud scenarios associated with accessing sensitive information such as online banking or personal files via public Wi-Fi at coffee shops and other public places. The widespread use of mobile communication, including cell phones, laptops and tablets, makes consumers particularly vulnerable to fraud and malware risks over public internet connections, the company warned.

To help users avoid online fraud and malware risks, ThreatMetrix provided the following infographic which highlights several scenarios of how cybercriminals can access sensitive transactions over public networks.

Don’t Lose Your Caffeine Buzz to Cybercrime

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Michael Barbere This is excellent awareness material for the end user community. However, I object to the use of an unshaven adult male as the perpetrator of the felonious behavior. This threat profile does not fit in with current research using cyanoacrylate follicular biopsies suggesting that men with dense facial follicles and increased sebum output are far more law abiding and trustworthy than their clean shaven counterparts. I thought the days of the horrific Snidely Whiplash style propaganda of openly depicting those with facial hair as entirely criminal was over. I guess I was wrong.
Christa Joe Network security and system compromise has become a major issue due to public access of networks. Resolution of such problems is often difficult because of a number of users connected to the network and just like it is difficult to find out a person in crowd, even in a crowded network, culprit identification becomes difficult.

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