Money Laundering Scenes In -The Digital World

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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gAtO looks - different Money Laundering scenes in -The Digital Virtual World- and how they work...


Farmville, Second Life and World of Warcraft these 3 games have been used by organize crime for money laundering. here are 2 examples —

How2-1- An item in a virtual game world have value in the real world – In China (game sweatshop-and other places) they set up sweat shops for games and get people to play the game. Then they take any magical Item that they find and they pay them off but then take the Item and sell it to other players for big bucks. It’s a a game sweatshop– When they setup shop in small Chinese towns this is an attraction and people flock to free games and computers. game sweatshopsound’s like not a big deal but they make them play for 20-22 hours a day slave labor for game items…

Mapping out the BitCOin

How2?2 Stolen Credit Cards Launder Money in the Game World: Now we take the same game and show you how criminals use games to pass profits from stolen credit cards.  Criminals also purchase item with Stolen Credit cards and then sale them back to other players and get back clean money. This is another way that the criminals scam CC. We know Credit Cards (CC) number are stolen every other second in cyberspace so now they take these credit cards and buy virtual Items in these game sites and then sell them to others for clean money. This simple method works they setup an account milk it for a few weeks and then destroy it and move on to the next ID.

DC -Digital Currency – Launder CASH to Bitcoins

So if a CrimeBoss has a lot of cash he can send his men down to-// Walmart, 7/11 or CVS Pharmacy -// and purchase MoneyPak then they can setup accounts online and exchange these MonyPaks to Bitcoins (how about MrBitCoin)- Now once in this world they can be exchanged for goods and service and even converted to Pre-loaded $$ CC (Credit cards) and just spend the new clean money anywhere they want to. Also even if they get busted they get to keep their BitCoins ?WHY? because they forgot the password to their wallets and without the password well the government does not get the money. As MrBitCoin shows below – it’s international so we can now take money from USD and convert it to AUD- RUB- BRL- INR and it goes thru non of the traditional channels. Why doesn’t Law enforcement tackle this in your face transfer of wealth – evil global backers- are keeping and eye on all these affairs..

— If you rob a bank you go to jail – a bank robs you they get a raise — this all may be changing the order of things..

MrBitCoin  – 

  • Fixed Rate
  • AUD (Cash deposit – Westpack and Commonwealth Bank)
  • USD (Major banks, 7-11Walmart, CVS)
  • RUB (Qiwi and Cyberplat through BitInstant)
  • BRL (Boleto through BitInstant)
  • INR (Cash deposit – HDFC Bank)

Problems: Bitcoins cannot be traced back to the Owner

Since 9/11, counter-terrorist agencies have  tracked the flow of money to identify transactions that match the profile for money laundering or involve the account of a person suspected of terrorism or with links to a terrorist network. Agencies are empowered to instantly freeze such accounts. With BitCOins this cannot be done – the Wallet is encrypted with a password so unless they are legally forced (or tortured ) to give the passwords – these laws will have to change to adapt to the new Digital Currency (DC) and how things work. The global bankers will have to adapt or their industry will die.

The theory is that, by denying terrorist and criminals groups access to their money, authorities can stop them buying munitions and small arms and paying for suicide bombers. This approach has been highly successful in identifying and dismantling terrorist networks. Now they need to adapt and learn how this new DC works because it cannot be stopped.

A few days ago WordPress (bloggin platform) the 3rd largest Web-App in the world accepted Bitcoins the Bitcoin market responded because now as more and more merchants use Bitcoins they cannot stop the flow. People are free to spend their money and the capitalist love it when people spend money – Come on GOLD is nothing but a ROCK – when your hungry Gold do do a thing folks…

Merchant will use Visa, PayPal BitCoins and they will see the lowest transaction fee’s they seen in years PayPal and Visa charge up to 3% but Bitcoins can be as low as .005% that’s a very small chunk of the profits so  business will like that more. You can’t print any more Bitcoins that is controlled by Math and crypto  – So “eveil global banker” your move next – you can’t say only criminals use Digital currencies legit business use it now – So get ready cause here it comes  - gAtO OuT 

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