US Cyber Security Direction

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Jayson Wylie


The recent election results put Obama into a second term.   It wasn’t mentioned much in the debates but the state of cyber and security in the United States is a real issue.

The focus, thus far, has been in the wrong direction for either copy write income or censorship and God knows how many other marks into the Bills so that they cannot get passed in anyone’s interests.

President Obama stated an Executive Order to be instilled which may be in a better direction but nothing definitive or out yet nor am I expecting a solid direction or hitting upon the finer notes in the short term.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Having a point-of-presence on the Internet is dangerous and if your home or business is not already targeted, infiltrated and/or enumerated, it’s just because no one has taken interest yet.

If it’s not being worried about our democratic, power infrastructure or the economy being affected by cyber activities, it’s being worried the neighbor’s kid is testing ‘skillz’ on your home net.

Everyone need’s to take care of your home or private business but those involved with Government activities need extra attention to keep the fabric of society moving along.

A plain and simple plan for an Executive Order giving by the president could simply state:

A Government that provides protections to its citizen’s information held by government agencies and the protection of the supply chain for US domestic or military use should be scrutinized emphatically.”

That statement wouldn’t be enough fluff to make it sound like official bureaucracy so they should worry about foreign intrusions and mark out, in black, all the secret stuff we are going to have to do to protect US interests in Cyberspace.

They could put price points on intellectual property extraction and tie them to our owed bonds or debt.  They could eye-for-eye it and use Zeus or better to get to the financial losses this country has endured against aggressive states and citizens.

Whatever the results of a second term for Obama, I hope we have some laws and proceedures in place so the Department of Justice’s new Cyber Lawyers will have some backing to litigate for.

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