Air Force's Tactical Cyber Wing Gets New Commander

Tuesday, July 17, 2012



The 'cyber gunslingers' of the Air Force's premier cyber unit and winner of the Omaha Trophy, U.S. Strategic Command's award for Best Global Operations, the 67th Network Warfare Wing, participated in the time honored military tradition of formally passing the command flag.

Col. Kevin Wooten relinquished wing command to Col. William Poirier, as Maj. Gen. Suzanne Vautrinot, 24th Air Force commander, presided over the ceremony in historic Hangar 1610 at Kelly Field.

"It's truly an honor and a privilege to serve as the commander of the Air Force's premier cyber warfare wing. I'm particularly excited about this wing's ability to continue to generate, project and sustain cyber power for our Air Force, our joint partners and our nation," Poirier said.

The 67th Network Warfare Wing is the Air Force's premier tactical cyber warfighting organization defending the Air Force network, transforming network operations, and providing full-spectrum capabilities across the Air Force enterprise and to U.S. Cyber Command and the Combatant Commanders.

Cyberpower, when coupled with other air and space capabilities, enables 24th Air Force and Air Forces Cyber to leverage increased capacity and capability in defense of the nation.

"The cyber business is a team sport and many have skin in this game. I'm awed by the spirit, drive and the intellectual capacity of our community partners, and every Airmen, government civilian and professional contractor on our team. I'm excited to be a part of this great team and look forward to the challenges we will confront--and overcome--in the future," Poirier continued.

The 24th Air Force is comprised of three wings located at Lackland AFB, Texas, and Robins AFB, Ga:

  • The 67th Network Warfare Wing, headquartered at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, is charged as the Air Force implementation element for the Air Force Network Operations Command and provides network warfare capabilities to Air Force, Joint Task Force and combatant commanders to operate, manage, and defend global Air Force networks. Additionally, the 67 NWW performs electronic systems security assessments for the Air Force and Joint community. As the Air Force's largest operational wing, it has people or equipment on every continent except Antarctica. The wing is composed of five intelligence groups, 35 squadrons and detachments and more than 8,000 people serving at some 100 locations around the world to provide information to today's leaders to help shape global events.
  • The 688th Information Operations Wing, headquartered at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, is a redesignation of the Air Force Information Operations Center (AFIOC). The 688th IOW is comprised of 1,000 civil and military personnel and is the Air Force's center of excellence for information operations. The wing is responsible for creating the information operations advantage for combatant forces through exploring, developing, applying and transitioning counter information technology, strategy, tactics and data to control the information battlespace and provide the world's best IO leaders.
  • The 689th Combat Communications Wing, headquartered at Robins Air Force Base, GA is responsible to train, deploy and deliver to the President and Secretary of Defense, the warfighter expeditionary communications, information systems, engineering and installation, air traffic control and weather services. The unit consists of 7,000 active duty, Air Force Reserve, and Air Force National Guard personnel as well as civilian and contractor support. All members maintain a unique tactical skill set that allows them to operate in austere, deployed and joint/coalition environments.


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