Cybersecurity Risks in Public Companies: An Infographic

Monday, May 07, 2012

Fergal Glynn


Following new SEC guidance issued in the US relating to disclosure of cybersecurity risks in company filings, public companies are beginning to be measured by regulators and investors on the strength of their cybersecurity solution and ability to protect intellectual property and customer data.

This infographic looks at the state of software security in public companies, and shows why companies and investors alike should care:

Social Media Security Basics


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Marc Quibell Companies always take the risk of having weaknesses in applications, I'm not sure this is a completely avoidable situation, although there are varying degrees to how secure an app can be made. Maybe they should stop out-sourcing their application development to other countries, as a start? The point is, I don't see secure application development as something high on their proiority list, or at least no where near the top, where currently "Develop the app as cheaply as possible" resides.
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