TeaMp0isoN Claims U.K. Anti-Terrorism Hotline Hack

Thursday, April 12, 2012



The self-proclaimed anarchist hacker collective known as TeaMp0isoN claims to have successfully breached the anti-terrorism hotline of the U.K.'s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

The group has posted several YouTube videos, one of which is alleged to be of MPS officers discussing another TeaMp0isoN operation directed against the law enforcement agency.

"We did it with ease. Their security is bizarre, it's as if they have no security whatsoever. The security they lack, it's incredible. They use an old phone system. It's pretty much the art of phreaking," a TeaMp0isoN member called 'Detonate' told Sky News in an interview.

"The method we used to tap into the phones was a private method which we cannot disclose. We’re anarchists, we refuse to follow laws and we’re hacktivists without fear," the hacker continued.

"If we wanted to go ahead and listen to their calls, it would be easy. It's simple for us. We can do it any time and any place. We're pretty much showing the MI6 they're nothing but jokes, that they're the real terrorists... We don't see ourselves as terrorists, we see ourselves as an activist group. We don't fear the FBI, the CIA or MI6; we fear no authority whatsoever. Our motto is 'knowledge is power'," 'Detonate' said.

The hacker claims to be recent convert to the Muslim faith, and insinuates that the attacks against the MPS are motivated by British and U.S. governments treatment of Muslims.

"We all know how the US treats innocent Muslims, they label us terrorists. We did a phone bomb, basically a denial of service, it was done via a compromised server, where something called 'asterisk' was installed," 'Detonate' explained.

If confirmed, the breach represents a serious lapse in protocol at what should be one of the U.K.'s most secure locations. Law enforcement officers are said to be investigating the group's claims.

"We are aware of an issue whereby telephone conversations relating to the anti-terror hotline have been recorded. Officers are currently looking into the matter and appropriate action will be taken," said a Scotland Yard spokesperson.

Anti-jihadi hacktivist known as The Jester (th3j35t3r), known for his long-standing campaign to disrupt militant Islamic communications and recruitment activities by disrupting their websites, may have some information to offer law enforcement on the TeaMp0isoN attack.

The Jester tweeted the following statement with a link to an encrypted file:

"@metpoliceuk Regarding recent voice call intercept. This >> << Follow so I can DM you password. Peace. #scotlandyard"

The contents of the encrypted file is unknown at this point, but The Jester has been know to share actionable intelligence with law enforcement.


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