Don't Be Naïve about Anonymous or the Occupy Movement

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Robin Jackson


WARNING: Adult language in this article in the context in which it is used by members of anonymous. I apologize for the graphic nature of it, but felt that to edit it out would to be reduce the harshness and violence of the thoughts conveyed.

There seems to be a great deal of naïveté surrounding Anonymous and the Occupy movement, their purpose, their mission, and current and projected capabilities.  

This misperception comes from certain beliefs about this cyber group and its real life manifestation which are naively held by the "useful fools," "cannon fodder," "newfags," or "n00bs" who seriously believe that they are a grassroots movement and that both Anonymous (cyber) and Occupy (kinetic) are by Americans and for Americans.

A misperception which is encouraged by those who understand the real agenda and do not feel that it would be prudent to disclose the "bigger picture" to the uninformed masses.

The misperception is purposely continued by certain elements of the Main Stream Media MSM who are "in-the-know."  These are the elements of MSM who are in direct or indirect contact with the leadership of Anonymous (more about this latter) and who hold to the same, anti-american, anti-democracy, principles that are inherent in the upper echelons of the Anonymous heirarchy.

The misperception is inadvertantly continued by many well meaning media, bloggers and others who "believe the lie" and espouse the rhetoric and enthusiasm of well-meaning youths who just want a fair deal for the 99%.

It's not the purpose of this article to debate the above propositions.  I would point the reader to "The 2012 Anonymous Primer – What Anonymous is and What Anonymous is not" , which is written by the guest blogger Natter, for a better understanding of what Anonymous is and isn't.

If you want a more detailed look I would also point you to the where the emails of the leadership of occupy movement clearly show their plans and allegiances. Or you can spend years in the IRC channels and various haunts of Anonymous Now and Then to realize the truth of these statements.

The purpose of this article is to directly confront the direct opposition by Anonymous to the message delivered by General Alexander regarding a possible future capability of Anonymous to affect the power grid.

Anonymous, immediately and adamantly denied the possibility of such an action, asking rhetorically; "Why would we ever affect the power grid when lives depend upon it?" On face value, it's a great argument and presupposes that Anonymous does not want to do malice to America.

The problem is that the argument came very quickly, and there is a very definite desire by a great many members of Anonymous to do a great deal of malice toward this country that I, and millions like me, have sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The body of evidence about what Occupy has tried to do In Real Life (IRL) lies before us.  We have seen deaths, rapes, violence, trespass, and a total disrespect of the standards of civil decorum in our society.  The very freedom that the constitution affords all of its citizens has been used against us by violent extremist bent on bringing about chaos and violent change.

But don't think that this conduct is limited to the actions IRL alone.

As someone who has proudly railed against the manipulation and hijacking of a sophmoric, well-meaning group of young people who are opposed to things like DMCA, RIAA and MPAA, I can honestly tell you that the chaos that has been purposefully perpetrated by Anonymous in the cyber realm is far greater than we have seen IRL.  

Not only that, but the rhetoric, venom, chaos, and damage done in cyber already FAR surppasses that done IRL as well.

I have watched elements of anonymous use the most vile and offensive language to maliciously accuse and vehemently attack every aspect of our American society.  F**k FBI Friday (#FFF), #F**kthePolice, #Pedocop, are a normal part of the rhetoric of what remains of that portion of Anonymous that is attacking American institutions and our law enforcement agencies, officers, and military personnel.

Just today I watched the members of @CabinCr3w hack into the web site of ANOTHER law enforcement related web site, dump the information out of that site, and then proceed to invade the privacy of three law enforcement officers in the LA area because they used the same password on the hacked site for their gmail accounts.  

They hacked the officers' gmail accounts and proceeded to read and post all of their personnel information, to accuse one officer of being a pedophile and to post the personal intimate photos of a female officer for all the world to see.

As if this weren't enough, @ItsKahuna then proceeded to log in to the female officer's personal web site, and to deface her site by posting an embarassing intimate photo of her on the front page.  After he was done, he proceeded to degrade and humiliate her via his Twitter account for all of his friends to see.  Of course the tag #f**kthepolice was sewn throughout his missives.

I am the father of four daughters and the grandfather of four lovely grandaughters and I have to tell you that I cannot imagine the emotional terror and hurt that this young officer must be going through.

Why would Anonymous turn off the power? Because it would serve their selfish purposes. Because it would cause chaos and hurt that these savage individuals thrive on because of their perceived immunity from justice.

Because in their minds it would be "Lulzy" a twisted term that means funny in a sick and demented /b/ chan kind of way.

Don't fall for the "poor little us, we wouldn't hurt a fly" rhetoric.  Our law enforcement and governmental agencies, financial institutions, and yes... our physical infrastructure are under direct attack, IRL by the Occupy Movement and in cyber by Anonymous.

Members of Anonymous DAILY tweet about SCADA vulnerabilities. Members of Anonymous have already BEEN IN our SCADA systems. The only reason that there has not been a major incident is because the rhetoric has not escalated to that level, yet.

If you are an American information security professional, then I urge you to quit worrying about what conferences you're going to speak at and get serious about catching the people who attacked Mechelle Thompson and her fellow officers and shoring up the defenses of EVERY computer system that you are responsible for, IMMEDIATELY.

Next time it might be your friend, wife or daughter who is violated. Next time it might be your police department, sheriff's department, or state police whose information is released for criminals to use to circumvent their investigations or do them harm.

Don't be naïve about Anonymous or the Occupy movement because they aren't naïve about what they are doing and what they are trying to achieve. 

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awb Maven You should beware the actors you support, for they are the enemy of the people.

"this country that I, and millions like me, have sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

You should be defending the People from the State, not the State from the People.

"I have watched elements of anonymous use the most vile and offensive language to maliciously accuse and vehemently attack every aspect of our American society. F**k FBI Friday (#FFF), #F**kthePolice, #Pedocop, are a normal part of the rhetoric of what remains of that portion of Anonymous that is attacking American institutions and our law enforcement agencies, officers, and military personnel"

I have watched as American law enforcement agencies, officers, and military personnel have murdered and maimed PEOPLE in the name of the State. These Enforcers are not punished. These Enforcers are rewarded and protected by the State.

"I am the father of four daughters and the grandfather of four lovely grandaughters and I have to tell you that I cannot imagine the emotional terror and hurt that this young officer must be going through."

Really, really try hard to imagine the emotional terror and hurt perpetrated by the State on the People’s of the world, a State you support and have sworn to defend. Imagine someone else’s daughters and granddaughter being killed or maimed by state actors in the name of the State you have sworn to defend. Do you feel any empathy at all towards these other daughters and granddaughters?

"Why would Anonymous turn off the power?"

If they do, it would be no worse than the US State employing Special 301provisions in an attempt to bring others into line; it will be no worse than bombing other places around the world. It would be karmic-comeuppance imv.

What you fail to understand or comprehend is that State actors, in the States name, commit heinous acts orders of magnitude more terrifying and brutal than anything Anonymous has committed, and the State who’s name they do it in, protects them.
It is repugnant that someone should swear to defend a State and not the people in the State. Anonymous have not used belligerence as the State does, when it does, if will loose my moral support just has the State has lost my moral support.
awb Maven I've written in more detail and where longer-than-140 character discussions can occur as we're doing on Twitter:
D R The only naïveté apparent from this article is that of the author.

The "Main Stream Media" is not in any way collaborating with the mythical "leadership of Anonymous". Anonymous has no leaders of the is a "movement" of leaders. It has no structure of leadership because it is not a is an idea. A person can no more be a "member" of Anonymous than they can be a "member" of freedom or a member of justice. Once you grasp that fundamental concept, it becomes obvious that while there are many individuals who are believe in the idea of Anonymous...there is no leadership. There are only individuals acting according to their individual times they may agree with times they may not.

If anyone is colluding with the "Main Stream Media" it isn't Anonymous. When the CIA and FBI public websites were recently given a symbolic (temporary) takedown, the "Main Stream Media" was engaged in one of their news blackouts and endlessly repeating nothing but the Whitney Houston death story thousands of times. If the "Main Stream Media" was really supporting Anonymous, then individuals who identify with Anonymous's ideals would not have needed to resort to invention of tools such as URGE to get their message out on Twitter.

The idea of Anonymous, is not at all in conflict with a society that holds individuals accountable for their individual ACTIONS...but it is WHOLLY incompatible with a society based upon "Big Brother" telling individuals what they can or can't think.

If you fear Anonymous, that's a good sign that you need to spend some time alone with your own soul and root out the causes of why you fail to accept freedom of belief as being the RIGHT of individuals...and why you are so deeply opposed to the very essence of what it means to be an American.

When you start the sympathy violins for the poor cop whose privacy was violated, but then offer the dubiously captured emails of others to support your own position, you evince hypocrisy rather than sincerity.

When you disseminate the speculations about what Anonymous "might" do as some type of factual threat, you engage in transparent fearmongering.

The one thing in the article I DO agree with you on is the urge to shore up our defences in the cyber-realm. It is obscene that China has a single hacker group (just for girls!) that has double the membership of DHS's proudly touted 1000 person addition to our cyber defenses. Maybe if we stopped trying to be the world's policeman, and stopped trying to bomb people into friendly relationships with America, we might just have enough money left to train enough people and really defend ourselves from cyber threats...or at the very least we would be creating fewer reasons for them to want to attack us.

Give it some thought...
Willx Willx Another poor, brainwashed drone spouts the official cokehead Breitbart propaganda line.

There were only TWO rapes associated with Occupy (and thats out of tens of thousands of protesters, which makes the rapes a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent), and in both cases, it was only the VICTIMS who were Occupy protesters. In one case a random homeless man in the area was found to be the perpetrator, and in the other the perpetrator was never found or identified.

Occupy were the VICTIMS of rape. Ask yourself, who hates the Occupy protesters enough to rape them?
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