Hacker Boasts of Intel Corporation Network Breach

Monday, February 13, 2012



A hacker who goes by the handles "WeedGrower" and "X-pOSed" is claiming to have breached the networks of tech giant Intel.

The attacker boasts of having gained access to an Intel.com subscriber database that contains sensitive information including passwords, social security and credit card numbers.

"I've got to give some applause to all these pseudo-security technicians out there. I cut Intel a break, I have access to a database and another vulnerability which enables the right to read user data. I'll be gracious here and NOT spill the data, but I will provide screenshots to prove that I have access to Credit Card data and such," the hacker is quoted as stating.

The following screenshot was offered as proof of the hack:



Intel said it was investigating the report, but has yet to confirm the network intrusion.

The hacker is previously known for having compromised the networks of NASA, Bank of America, Visa, Yahoo, MySpace and others.

Source:  http://thehackernews.com/2012/02/hackers-claims-to-compromise-intels.html

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