NETpeas is Taking Infosec Island to Black Hat Europe

Thursday, February 02, 2012

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NETpeas, a fast-growing information security provider based in Casablanca with offices in Europe and the United States, is sponsoring Infosec Island's presence at the Black Hat Europe conference in Amsterdam.

Infosec Island's Javvad Malik will be on site conducting video interviews and - no doubt - interjecting his trademark brand of humor while exploring cutting edge infosec trends and developments.

The Black Hat Briefings have become the biggest and the most important security conference series in the world by remaining true to our core value: serving the information security community by delivering timely, actionable security information in a friendly, vendor-neutral environment.

You too can attend Blackhat Europe from March 14 to 16 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands by registering here.

/uploads/remoteimg/2b93fdde2d9c5fb10f62d9c40e74b0e7.jpgNETpeas supplies customers with Comprehensive Global Feed information about vulnerabilities & threats (description, patch, risk rating, PoC...) with built-in compliance for Open Security Standards such as CVE, CPE, CWE, OVAL, CVSS v2, CAPECs, OSVDB and more.

NETpeas also provides the toolkit that help companies achieve compliance with a wide range of regulations and international standards (PCI DSS, Solvency II, HIPAA, NERC CIP, FISMA, CAG and more) and the reports are aligned with OWASP guidelines.

NETpeas recently released its flagship IT Security solution « COREvidence™ », a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace for everything security.

/uploads/remoteimg/2d509405c21a419c7566035ebb975243.jpgCOREvidence™ integrates services to create a one-stop solution. Customers have immediate access to technology leaders in vulnerability management, compliance achievement and monitoring.

COREvidence™ correlates results and provides unified reports and convivial dashboards thanks to a powerful patented risk analysis scoring system.

The services allow analyzing Networks, Web Applications, Web Services or any system with a conventional address, and provides an online service to detect and monitor vulnerabilities and threats in real time.

Join NETpeas and Infosec Island at Black Hat Europe, the premier information security event!

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Mourad Ben Lakhoua COREvidence is an exceptional security product with a very advanced features. it shrinks All security requirement into a single dashboard. keep up the great work!
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