Top Security Company Acquisitions of 2011

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bill Gerneglia


Article by Sara Jameson

The acquisition pace in the security industry has been steady the last few years due to the global proliferation of security breaches. 

As we reported recently, Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common across the globe. Many Fortune 2000 companies as well as government agencies around the world are under frequent cyber attack of their core systems and services.

The opportunity for cyber attacks grows daily as these corporations and governments continue to amass information about individuals in complex networks across the Web.

At the same time new generations of cyber activists, some motivated purely by money and others by the desire to expose and destabilize corporations and governments, continue to hack into organizational secrets. 

Global cyber-security spending in 2011 reached $60 billion and is expected to grow 10 percent annually for the next five years. These estimates were cited in the recent the "Cyber-Security M&A" released by PwC.

Some of the larger acquisition highlights include:

1. HP purchased ArcSight for $1.6 billion

2. Symantec acquired Verisign for $1.3 billion

3. Apax Partners bought Sophos for $580 million

4. Intel purchasing McAfee for $7.8 billion.

Will this acquisition pace continue? Many analysts believe it will accelerate to address the proliferation of global security threats. Here are some of the more significant ones for 2011:

1. IBM in October 2011 acquired Q1 Labs for an undisclosed amount. Q1 labs is a great fit for IBM as they offer solutions in security information and event management. Their software provides the ability to gather network data and correlate it to detect and flag suspicious events. Q1 Labs was merged into the IBM Security Systems unit along with several other security based organizations they acquired.

2. Dell acquired SecureWorks for $612 million. SecureWorks is an IT security organization which specializes in managed security, risk assessment and threat management. SecureWorks will enable Dell cloud services to provide security consulting and managed security services to their customers.

3. VMware purchased cloud-based IT management software provider Shavlik Technologies. The Shavlik acquisition enables VMware to provide enhanced IT management functions, including asset management, security, business continuity and data protection capabilities for SMBs.

4. Check Point Software announced plans to acquire Dynasec to expand its governance, risk-management and compliance portfolio. Dynasec's capabilities will integrate with Check Point's security, business and consulting service to give customers the tools necessary to meet and manage regulatory requirements.

5. Cisco acquired Pari Networks, a network configuration, change and compliance management provider. Pari's appliances assists Cisco's "smart service" capabilities to monitor the health of customer networks and identify potential network problems before they occur.

6. McAfee acquired database access and monitoring software vendor Sentrigo. McAfee announced it would integrate Sentrigo's database security technology in its ePolicy Orchestrator platform.

7. Motorola acquired 3LM. Three Laws Mobility develops mobile enterprise security software and solutions and mobile device management products for Android. Their software gives IT departments the tools they need to manage Android devices within corporate environments.

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