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Friday, January 27, 2012

Security BSides


UPDATE:  Security BSides San Francisco 2012 Will Live On!

“Events like BSides are essential to the information security industry and the professional development of current and future information security leaders. Being in a position to provide the necessary financial support to guarantee that BSidesSF takes place is a blessing..."

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We are the 0.03%...

BSides San Francisco is actively looking for (non-RSA participating) sponsors to help make sure the event goes on! 

BSidesSF is an event that happens alongside RSA Conference in San Francisco.  We have booked out a Children's Museum as the venue, selected speakers, and signed up sponsors. 

We received an initially overwhelming response from sponsors but were notified that contractually companies that sponsor RSA cannot sponsor another event in a 5 mile radius.

If RSA enforces this contract with their sponsors we could lose 90% of sponsorship dollars. This means that the potentially 500 attendees registered for BSidesSF (juxtaposed against a probable 15,000 at RSA) may not have an event in a few weeks.

In past years RSA has permitted sponsors a waiver enabling them to support both the corporate and community side of security. This year may be the last for that waiver and threatens to end the event attended by many community participants.

Please help us by lobbying RSA to permit the waiver once again. I know RSA wants to support BSides and the community. Let them know how you feel at @RSAConference on twitter or emailing your personal contacts.

Also, all RSA booths are sold out meaning other security companies may not be able to participate due to space limitations. They may want to sponsor BSidesSF and target their sponsorship dollars at community participants in a more intimate setting who they can meet and mingle with directly. 

Please refer such sponsors to info@securitybsides.org or grab a sponsorship kit here:


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Cypher Punk a) blog registration for comments is so 2010.

b) Here's a five mile radius around RSA: http://bit.ly/yzhnMO just relocate out of the green circle (Berkeley, perhaps?) and you're golden.

c) Pressure RSA sponsors to withdraw sponsorship unless they waive this retarded rule. RSA's audience and BSides' ausidence do have cross-over, but they're complimentary, not competitive.
Cypher Punk > I know RSA wants to support BSides and the community.

Clearly, they don't.
Jeffrey Carr Drop the sponsorships altogether. Just have the attendees pay a reasonable fee to attend that'll cover your expenses.
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