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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cyber Defense Weekly


Cyber Defense Weekly from Richard Stiennon

I have only one security related prediction for 2012 and that is that we are in for a year that will make 2011 look tame in terms of major targeted attacks.

While Anonymous contributed to 2011's record setting year of breaches, with attacks on the Sony Play Station Network and the flurry of Anti-Sec attacks against law enforcement agencies, and the humiliation of Stratfor in the final week, there were two attacks that were game changing in 2011: the successful theft of RSA's secret seeds for their one time password tokens, and the attacks against Commodo and Diginotar that revealed the tenuous trust system we have built around SSL and digital certificates.

2011 was the year that state sponsored hacking finally came to national attention with hundreds of articles exposing the continued industrial and military cyber espionage credited to the likes of China and Russia.

As we await the leak  of over 5 million emails from the mail spool of Stratfor we can be sure that 2012 will bring more of the same and an escalation of action from state agencies. Keep an eye on Iran as they invest in their cyber capabilities.  And watch for  updates here in the Cyber Defense Weekly.

Cyber Defense Webcast with Eric Knapp on smart grid security

Eric Knapp is the author of Industrial Network Security: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems.

Eric joined me in this webcast to provide his insights on securing power distribution systems and the "smart grid". He is with NitroSecurity now part of McAFee.

This has been a hot topic ever since Stuxnet demonstrated the power of attacks against control systems and those that support critical infrastructure have begun to realize that they have minimal security in place to counter targeted attacks against their assets.

Best of @cyberwar

  • I post frequent updates to the @cyberwar stream on Twitter. Follow me for breaking news and commentary.
  • CA/Browser Forum issues baseline requirements for CAs and browsers. Closing the door after the horse left the barn.
  • OMG, Chinese hacking of thermostat belonging to US Chamber of Commerce. WSJ:
  • New website from ISW: Understanding War
  • A must read article on US drones. Well written and raises important questions.
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