Psst... Want Access to a RQ-170 Sentinel?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Joel Harding


Now in the very likely propaganda department…  The Voice of Russia is stating in an article published recently that Iran is offering access to their recently acquired RQ-170 Sentinel, reputedly a captured CIA collection platform, to Russia and China

The price? Lessee..  Russia and China are probably both competing for access to this ‘advanced’ technology, so the Iranians quickly became capitalistic and jacked up the price. Their Christmas list includes:

  • Advanced nuclear technology
  • Advanced missile technology (preference solid fuel types)
  • The last word on centrifuges for enriching uranium
  • The S-300 air defense system

*cough* Yeah, right.  According to the article, Russia cannot possibly agree to those terms, the price is WAY too high, as in – it is illegal even in Russia to share that technology.

China? I’m not too sure they’re really in the market to share their missile technology, when they’re trying to acquire US technology by hook or by crook.

I think the price will drop once the Iranians stop sampling the products coming out of Afganistan and crossing their borders…   or not.

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