UK Security Strategy

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mark Gardner


I've just come across this post here on Infosec Island website regarding the UK Security Strategy.

I had to press refresh on the browser. Haven't we been here before?

Google for yourself the phrase "UK Security Strategy" and the first link was to the PDF document "The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom." published date - March 2008.

I know things change at a rapid pace in It and Security but, as a Security Professional and a UK taxpayer, why the constant writing of strategies.

Surely the best defence for the UK is to actually not give the details of what the government is proposing to do? 

As we've also seen this week the GCHQ head as stated that the numbers of cyber attack on Britain are at "dangerous levels":

Surely, with comments like this now is the time for actions not another strategy?

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