TakeDownCon Las Vegas: Mobile and Wireless Security

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

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What makes a good Information Security conference? Information security covers a very wide domain, and many conferences try to incorporate too many topics within a space of a couple of days.

The benefit of a thematic and topical conference is to deliver concise information and incorporate discussions revolving around a specific subject matter that can relate to its target audience. Not too many IT security conferences design its program along this stance.

TakeDownCon is a technical security conference series fundamentally developed to focus on only ONE information security domain per event. This series kicked off in Dallas in May 2011 and has earned great reviews about its program structure, topic and speakers selections.

TakeDownCon has raised the bar, and set the standards of what a true technical IT security conference is supposed to be. It aspires to be the ideal platform for information security professionals to congregate to learn, network and share their knowledge.


TakeDownCon Las Vegas: Taking on Mobile & Wireless Security

Wireless and in particular, mobile security has been on a rampant rise in the IT industry due to the rapid developments in recent times. Wireless technology is currently recognized as the norm practice in the exchange of information, on a corporate and personal level.

According to ABI Research, enterprise adoption of ultra-mobile devices is predicted to hit $12.5 billion by 2015 which is a telling statistic in regards to where information storage and transfer is currently headed.

Reputable IT giants have turned their attention to mass production of pocket computers, otherwise known as ‘smart phones’ in today’s generation. These efforts then, has led to high alert in regards to (lack of) security and its impact from a corporate and personal perspective.

From corporate perspective, the rise in security measures are unaccounted for due to information security requirements with potentially billions of dollars at stake due to potential theft/hacking risks involved in the ‘Bad New World’ of IT. War is at hand with a number of organizations already fallen victims to online theft and data centers being heavily corrupted.

Due to the rapid escalation of threats affecting wireless operations, TakeDownCon Las Vegas now brings you a highly technical platform which addresses highly technical knowledge which focuses on securing your channels, your data, and ultimately and most importantly – your very own privacy.


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