Open Call for Interviews: Hacker Halted Miami

Monday, October 03, 2011

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Infosec Island will be conducting a series of video interviews with attendees at the Hacker Halted conference which occurs October 21 through October 27 in Miami, Florida.

The interviews will be topic-driven, and offers the opportunity for subjects to highlight their knowledge of emerging trends in the information security field and solutions offered by their respective companies.

If your company would like to be featured in one of the interviews, please contact Lance Miller at for more details on how you can participate.


Stop Data Leaks. Secure the Code...

With a comprehensive agenda, and a star-studded line up of speakers, Hacker Halted USA 2011 promises to be the premier information security conference of the year in the East Coast.

Held in Miami for the 3rd year in a row, we will be expecting a strong turnout of Information Security professionals to attend this event and there will be many exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies and tools in Information Security.

Hacker Halted USA 2011 will not just be another IT security conference. It will be a masterpiece showcase that has some of the world's best security expert congregate at one location.

Hackers Are Here. Where Are You?


Infosec Island is proud to work with the Hacker Halted staff and the EC Council as a media partner to promote this must-attend event. Please contact Lance Miller at for more details on participating in the video interviews.

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