Interview Lineup for Black Hat in Las Vegas

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Anthony M. Freed


Just spending the day preparing for a super lineup of interviews at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While this is a working trip with little leisure time, I do get to enjoy a fabulous view from my hotel room here at Caesars Palace, compliments of the Black Hat event organizers and the wonderful folks over at Qualys - one of the event's premier sponsors.

Thank you all for the opportunity to cover this important conference!

Water Show - Vegas

My Wednesday video interview lineup is as follows:

  • Rainer Enders - NCP Consulting
  • Theresa Payton - Fortalice Solutions
  • Travis Carelock - Black Hat
  • Tom Eston - Secure State
  • Aaron Bryson - Cisco
  • Josh Shaul  - AppSec Inc.
  • Alexander Polyakov - ERP Scan

Thursday's lineup includes:

  • Rafal Los - Hewlett Packard 
  • Ivan Ristic - Qualys
  • Wolfgang Kandek - Qualys
  • Will Bechtel - Qualys
  • Rodrigo Branco - Qualys
  • Alex Quilter - Qualys
  • Phillipe Courtot - Chairman and CEO, Qualys
  • Nabil Ouchn - ToolsWatch
  • Angel Jones - Fiserv
  • Matt McKinley - Stonesoft
  • Anthony Barkley - Symantec
  • Chris Blask - AlienVault
  • Jeff Hudson - Venafi

The Infosec Island community can look forward to the posting of these video interviews over the course of the next few weeks.

Again, my thanks to Qualys and the Black Hat organizers for the opportunity to be present at this fantastic conference. Cheers!

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