How Not to Do the News

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boris Sverdlik


Our story begins with a look at the naivety of the “Anonymous” expert who writes for the Examiner (online edition for sure). His name is Frazier McGinn and he must be the worst journalist in the course of history.

The morning of July 27th was an interesting one indeed. Anonymous and company had initiated a pacifist attack on Paypal in retaliation for what they call the unfair prosecution of Mercedes Renee Haefer, AKA NO, and others.

This reporter had randomly been popping up in the AnonOps IRC channel asking random questions. He had apparently not been investigating Anonymous all that much since nobody was responsive to his questions.

As usual @Jadedsecurity is trolling the internet, hanging out on IRCs, and trolling various news sources. When @Abhaxas had announced in IRC that @ManIsFree is trolling him again for an interview.

Obviously, early in the morning under the influence of alcohol, a few individuals in the IRC had encouraged @Abhaxas to invite Frazier into the channel. This could not possibly end well. While, looking over some of Fraziers’ other articles I had noticed many inconsistencies. It seems, his fact checking ability is somewhat limited to IRC and word of mouth.

Keeping that in mind, he had come into the channel asking @abhaxas questions that anybody familiar with Anonymous, #AntiSec and likes would of already known. The Interview turned into one of the biggest trollfests I had ever witnessed... At points, I was laughing so hard my side hurt.

When I finally turned in for the evening, I had assumed that Frazier would not run the story. Boy was I wrong. He went to the point of even using a parody graphic that I had made weeks ago per the ISC2 fun.

Wow... Please keep the laughter to a minimum while reading the logs below.

Frazier McGinn'sarticle: “No one likes trolls”:


[03:11am] @Abhaxas: haha that dude is trying to interview me again
[03:11am] @Abhaxas: ManIsFree Frazier McGinn
[03:11am] @Abhaxas: @
[03:11am] @Abhaxas: @Abhaxas TY for honesty. Care to give an interview?
[03:11am] @Abhaxas: from the examiner
[03:12am] jadedsecurity: Do it
[03:12am] unknown-: get him in here
[03:12am] unknown-: We’ll show him a good time
[03:12am] jadedsecurity: tell him to come here
[03:12am] jadedsecurity: we’ll frak with him
[03:12am] unknown-: and he’ll wake up on a bluff in new mexico with no pants
[03:12am] unknown-: three weeks from now
[03:12am] unknown-: lol
[03:15am] unknown-: wow S4BU
[03:15am] unknown-: You took out their dns server too?
[03:15am] unknown-: frakin sweet!
[03:15am] lolatu joined the chat room.
[03:15am] unknown-: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.
[03:16am] unknown-: frakin sweet!
[03:16am] lolatu: Hi there everyone
[03:16am] lolatu: I’m @ManIsFree
[03:16am] unknown-: Oh, it’s you
[03:16am] @Abhaxas: hi
[03:16am] lolatu: I’m a reporter
[03:16am] unknown-: I know
[03:16am] lolatu: ok
[03:16am] lolatu: So I came here to get an interview
[03:16am] unknown-: I’m also not the one you want to speak with
[03:16am] @Abhaxas: cool
[03:16am] lolatu: excellent
[03:16am] lolatu:
[03:16am] @Abhaxas: probably a troll though
[03:16am] lolatu: So my first question is, are you Anonymous Proper?
[03:17am] @Abhaxas: i tweeted in public
[03:17am] @Abhaxas: lol
[03:17am] lolatu: so no
[03:17am] woland joined the chat room.
[03:18am] lolatu: @Abhaxis is here, right?
[03:18am] @Abhaxas: thats me
[03:18am] jadedsecurity: lok
[03:18am] lolatu: ok
[03:18am] lolatu: So you’re not Anonymous Proper
[03:18am] jadedsecurity: wtf
[03:18am] jadedsecurity: what i miss
[03:18am] lolatu: on the basis that you are no anonymous
[03:18am] @Abhaxas: as in, am i part of anonymous?
[03:18am] lolatu: yeah. Or do you consider yourself to be
[03:18am] jadedsecurity: he’s anonymous
[03:19am] lolatu: He’s obviously anonymous. But are you Anonymous?
[03:19am] jadedsecurity: Anonymous how?
[03:19am] unknown-: Note the capitalization
[03:19am] jadedsecurity: as in anonymous
[03:19am] @Abhaxas: no i’m not part of the group
[03:19am] yngjungian: lolatu, your a reporter?
[03:19am] lolatu: ok
[03:19am] lolatu: yes, i’m a reporter
[03:19am] unknown-: Anonymous the group vs anonymous the not being found
[03:20am] lolatu: So, abhaxis, why are you hacking PayPal accounts closed?
[03:20am] lolatu: or are you?
[03:21am] @Abhaxas: i have nothing better to do at the moment, and i hate paypal anyway
[03:21am] @Abhaxas: is a good resource
[03:21am] lolatu: Were you aware that Anonymous is attempting a legal boycott?
[03:22am] lolatu: And that you are “crashing” it?
[03:22am] lolatu: And, forgive the phrase, how does that make you feel?
[03:22am] jadedsecurity: crashing what
[03:22am] jadedsecurity: paypal seems up
[03:22am] lolatu: Crashing the boycott
[03:22am] @Abhaxas: well i’m part of a group that hates anonymous
[03:23am] jadedsecurity: is he really??? i saw u in their channel.. it’s going way further than a legal anything
[03:23am] ciphersson: jadedsecurity: i didnt know midget tossing was illegal in NY… learn something new every day
[03:23am] @Abhaxas: we dislike the thought of allowing people to be anonymous on the internet
[03:23am] jadedsecurity: ciphersson: we toss midgets everywhere
[03:23am] lolatu: Ok.
[03:23am] jadedsecurity: we will be tossing midgets in derby
[03:23am] ArchangelAmael: w00t
[03:23am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: being anonymous allows people to be trolls. no one likes trolls.
[03:23am] yngjungian: ” Yes, #PayPal: DdoS is actually the least damage we can do. You want real war? You can have it. Convict our people and we show you next stage”
[03:23am] @Abhaxas: i’m at war with anonymous
[03:24am] jadedsecurity: no one likes a troll
[03:24am] lolatu: ok
[03:24am] yngjungian: ^ doesn’t sound like it’s heading in a legal direction
[03:24am] lolatu: On that note,
[03:24am] @Abhaxas: a digital jihad, if you will
[03:24am] lolatu: Does your war with Anonymous overlap with your PayPal account closures in any way?
[03:24am] unknown-: It will start out in a legal way though
[03:25am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: well my plan is to hopefully close S4BU’s paypal account
[03:25am] @Abhaxas: he comes in here and trolls us all
[03:25am] @Abhaxas: he’s in here now
[03:25am] lolatu: I see
[03:25am] @Abhaxas: i’ve had enough of him
[03:25am] unknown-: We see him trollin’, we hatin’
[03:25am] lolatu: ba-dum-tish
[03:25am] unknown-: What’s that?
[03:25am] lolatu: So you are looking specifically for the accounts of Anons, who are already closing their accoutns
[03:25am] lolatu: ?
[03:26am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: that is my goal, yes
[03:26am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: i’m in close contact with the jester
[03:26am] lolatu: Alright
[03:26am] @Abhaxas: we are working out a plan to bring down anonymous
[03:26am] jadedsecurity: when will this be published
[03:26am] @Abhaxas: starting with their paypal accounts
[03:26am] jadedsecurity: as a journalist myself of you know security.. i’d love to read this piece
[03:27am] lolatu: published tonight, hopefully
[03:27am] @Abhaxas: you can use anything i’ve said
[03:27am] lolatu: alright
[03:27am] lolatu: Should I quote you as Abhaxis or Nyancat?
[03:27am] @Abhaxas: abhaxas please
[03:27am] lolatu: with an a
[03:27am] lolatu: my mistake
[03:27am] @Abhaxas: yes
[03:27am] jadedsecurity: please quote me as jadedsecurity
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: I’m pretty big in Japan
[03:28am] ArchangelAmael: lol
[03:28am] lolatu: At a later date i’m looking to write an interview from people who are critical of Anon
[03:28am] unknown-: Yeah you are
[03:28am] lolatu: lol
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: what unknown-
[03:28am] lolatu: would you guys be up for that?
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: u know it’s true
[03:28am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: i have insider information, i can give that later
[03:28am] lolatu: excellent
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: me too
[03:28am] unknown-: jadedsecurity, I’ve seen it, so I know what you say is true
[03:28am] lolatu: Ima go write this up right now
[03:28am] lolatu: brb
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: u saw my frak
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: what?
[03:28am] unknown-: :3
[03:28am] unknown-: It was shiny and square
[03:28am] jadedsecurity: hey lolatu my website is
[03:29am] unknown-: Like a unicorn dildo
[03:29am] jadedsecurity: omfg
[03:29am] @Abhaxas: wow that site is terrible
[03:29am] lolatu: mine is
[03:29am] jadedsecurity: hahaha
[03:29am] lolatu: for meaty news
[03:29am] lolatu: and the spinning earth
[03:29am] @Abhaxas: nice
[03:29am] yngjungian: why you just dox him on twitter?
[03:29am] yngjungian: faggot
[03:29am] @Abhaxas: its ok
[03:29am] jadedsecurity: he’s a reporter, a good one
[03:29am] @Abhaxas: i think what i said needs to be heard
[03:29am] jadedsecurity: like adrian chen
[03:29am] lolatu: my mistake
[03:29am] @Abhaxas: no its ok
[03:29am] lolatu: I thought you guys were against people being anonymous?
[03:30am] @Abhaxas: i don’t care about that
[03:30am] lolatu: ok
[03:30am] jadedsecurity: << [03:30am] jadedsecurity: or anonymous
[03:30am] jadedsecurity: or abhaxas
[03:30am] jadedsecurity: just so you know
[03:30am] yngjungian: [03:30am] @Abhaxas: lolatu
[03:30am] ciphersson: Mark Zuckerberg is my hero
[03:30am] lolatu: yes?
[03:30am] jadedsecurity: yngjungian: they coming
[03:30am] @Abhaxas: b0n3z: is part of lulzsec
[03:30am] jadedsecurity: haha
[03:30am] yngjungian: i know
[03:30am] unknown-: I’m not anonymous either, but the feds can suck a dick cause I haven’t done anything even borderline illegal
[03:31am] unknown-: :3
[03:31am] jadedsecurity: my address is
[03:31am] jadedsecurity: << [03:31am] @Abhaxas: that is wrong
[03:31am] Reficulll joined the chat room.
[03:31am] unknown-: It’s just so meaty
[03:31am] jadedsecurity: very
[03:31am] jadedsecurity: meaty
[03:31am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: you are with examiner correct?
[03:31am] jadedsecurity: u should of told him about Joe Black
[03:32am] lolatu: yes
[03:32am] lolatu: you want link/
[03:32am] lolatu: ?
[03:32am] @Abhaxas: yea if you don’t mind
[03:32am] ciphersson: unknown-: do you disagree with the feds? if so thats enough
[03:32am] lolatu:
[03:32am] unknown-: ciphersson, disagree in what way?
[03:32am] @Abhaxas: thanks, i see you did a blackberg story
[03:32am] lolatu: err
[03:32am] lolatu: yes
[03:33am] unknown-: I lol’d
[03:33am] lolatu: i forgot about that
[03:33am] jadedsecurity: hey lolatu
[03:33am] lolatu: yeah
[03:33am] jadedsecurity: r u frazier
[03:33am] @Abhaxas: nice, thanks for that story
[03:33am] lolatu: yes
[03:33am] @Abhaxas: i enjoyed it
[03:33am] lolatu: that’s me
[03:33am] lolatu: ty
[03:33am] jadedsecurity: < [03:33am] jadedsecurity: but your story on Black is way off
[03:33am] lolatu: darn
[03:33am] jadedsecurity: you know he is a CIA operative
[03:33am] lolatu: I did not
[03:33am] jadedsecurity: with ties to AL quaeda
[03:33am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: here is a hint
[03:33am] @Abhaxas: check for pictures of him
[03:34am] lolatu: I have
[03:34am] @Abhaxas: and check out his left shoulder
[03:34am] lolatu: can’t find them
[03:34am] jadedsecurity: wait
[03:34am] @Abhaxas: the tattoo
[03:34am] lolatu: I saw the tat
[03:34am] jadedsecurity: u cant
[03:34am] lolatu: what is it?
[03:34am] unknown-: He posted the photos of himself
[03:34am] jadedsecurity: hold on i got a link
[03:34am] lolatu: I saw that one once
[03:34am] @Abhaxas: its a group of homosexuals in nebraska
[03:34am] @Abhaxas: i’m not kidding you
[03:34am] lolatu: aight
[03:34am] lolatu: link
[03:34am] @Abhaxas: they are called brownwater
[03:34am] jadedsecurity:
[03:34am] jadedsecurity: there he is
[03:35am] jadedsecurity: with aaron bar and nigratt
[03:35am] unknown-: Damn, ligatt looks good in that outfit
[03:35am] @Abhaxas: hahaha
[03:35am] lolatu: that’s frakn hysterical
[03:35am] jadedsecurity: thats true… they all cia
[03:35am] unknown-: That’s the first decent picture of ligatt I’ve seen
[03:35am] lolatu: did not know
[03:35am] unknown-: frakin funny
[03:35am] lolatu: If you have proof I’ll publish it
[03:35am] @Abhaxas: yea joe is a homosexual
[03:35am] jadedsecurity: well yeah ligatt
[03:35am] jadedsecurity: lolatu: u published a piece about black without any proof
[03:36am] jadedsecurity: nothing you said is true
[03:36am] @Abhaxas: be nice
[03:36am] @Abhaxas: he is on our side
[03:36am] jadedsecurity: fine
[03:36am] jadedsecurity: i’ll stop
[03:36am] jadedsecurity: just do a search on blackberg
[03:37am] jadedsecurity: dude.. the piece said joe schmuck DDoSed presstorm
[03:37am] jadedsecurity: he doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer
[03:37am] • unknown- stifles a laugh
[03:37am] lolatu: I did quite a lot of searching on Mr. black. And if you have evidence that I posted something untrue, please show it to me
[03:37am] lolatu: so I can correct it
[03:37am] jadedsecurity: UPDATE: I inaccurately reported the had been destroyed. The site’s administrator has contacted me. It was, in fact, DDoSed by Mr. Black. No damage was done.
[03:37am] jadedsecurity: Continue reading on BlackBerg security hacked – National Anonymous |
[03:37am] @Abhaxas: do you have an email or phone number we can contact you at
[03:37am] lolatu:
[03:37am] @Abhaxas: thanks
[03:37am] jadedsecurity: lolatu: here.. take a read..
[03:38am] jadedsecurity: black is a fake
[03:38am] jadedsecurity: he trolled u
[03:38am] lolatu: saw that one
[03:38am] jadedsecurity: which is why we hate trolls
[03:38am] jadedsecurity:
[03:38am] jadedsecurity: here is the pastebin of him teaching us
[03:38am] jadedsecurity: hows that for reporting
[03:39am] @Abhaxas: there are, on average, 550 suicides a year due to trolls
[03:39am] jadedsecurity: and b0n3z really is lulzsec
[03:39am] @Abhaxas: i believe that makes anonymous liable
[03:39am] jadedsecurity: i almost offed myself recently cause of a troll
[03:39am] yngjungian: yeah, isn’t that why Sabu is here in the first place?
[03:39am] jadedsecurity: but abhaxas might go first
[03:39am] lolatu: coolstorybro
[03:40am] jadedsecurity: u fraks realize i got a client meeting in 4 hours
[03:40am] jadedsecurity: wow…
[03:40am] unknown-: Haha
[03:41am] unknown-: YOUR BAD
[03:41am] jadedsecurity: Hate trolls
[03:41am] unknown-: Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls
[03:41am] jadedsecurity: i almost killed myself cause of a troll
[03:41am] jadedsecurity: it was sad
[03:42am] ciphersson: can i install safari under wine in ubuntu?
[03:42am] jadedsecurity: he had purple hair
[03:42am] ciphersson:
[03:42am] jadedsecurity: yes frank
[03:42am] unknown-: ciphersson, Please go die now
[03:42am] jadedsecurity: but safari is just mozilla
[03:42am] unknown-: No, safari is webkit
[03:42am] unknown-: webkit is much older than mozilla
[03:42am] yngjungian: why you need to grab streaming pr0n or what?
[03:43am] ciphersson: no i just like the UI
[03:43am] yngjungian: princess has a bunch of tranny friends, no need for websites
[03:43am] yngjungian: oh
[03:43am] jadedsecurity: hahaha
[03:43am] jadedsecurity: fine fine
[03:43am] jadedsecurity: frank
[03:43am] jadedsecurity:
[03:43am] ciphersson: haha
[03:43am] jadedsecurity: all u bro
[03:43am] unknown-: lol
[03:44am] unknown-: Hey look it’s joe black’s G+:
[03:44am] lolatu: ty Abhaxas. Very kind of you.
[03:44am] @Abhaxas: no prob
[03:44am] jadedsecurity: when u think he is going to push the story
[03:44am] @Abhaxas: thanks for actually asking questions
[03:44am] @Abhaxas: most people just post frak without confirming
[03:44am] jadedsecurity: unknown-: u think he will friend me
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: yeh lolatu u should see what ISC2 wrote about abhaxas
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: shocking
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: appaling
[03:45am] poncedeanon joined the chat room.
[03:45am] lolatu: link?
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: (sp)
[03:45am] unknown-: jadedsecurity, If you ask nicely I bet he will
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: they took it down
[03:45am] @Abhaxas: you talking about the letter?
[03:45am] unknown-: appauling I believe
[03:45am] poncedeanon: i just wanted to tell you both good luck. were all counting on you. – leslie nealson
[03:45am] unknown-: frak
[03:45am] • unknown- looks it up
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: unknown-: he hates me.. dude I called his school to verify his frak
[03:45am] jadedsecurity: hahaha
[03:45am] unknown-: appalling!
[03:46am] unknown-: got it!
[03:46am] unknown-: ahahahaha
[03:46am] unknown-: you ass
[03:46am] jadedsecurity: they told me he never went to a single class
[03:46am] unknown-: frakin niggas frak up all day err day
[03:46am] jadedsecurity: withdrew out of everything
[03:46am] unknown-: So you’re employed to bust balls?
[03:46am] jadedsecurity: im scared he might shoot me with his airsoft
[03:46am] unknown-: Sounds like x25princess
[03:46am] unknown-: lol
[03:46am] jadedsecurity: yes
[03:47am] jadedsecurity: < [03:47am] jadedsecurity: hate trols
[03:47am] poncedeanon: she doesnt even have a real pic.
[03:47am] poncedeanon: almost fap worthy
[03:47am] jadedsecurity: yeah she does…
[03:47am] unknown-: Bitches don’t know bout mah trolololololls
[03:47am] jadedsecurity: abhazas has it
[03:47am] poncedeanon: thats not the real her. hot girls dont troll
[03:47am] @Abhaxas: show him the pic of me in fishnet
[03:48am] jadedsecurity: i gotta find it
[03:48am] jadedsecurity: hey poncedeanon
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: this is x25
[03:49am] poncedeanon: yo
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: hmmm
[03:49am] lolatu: Abhaxas still here?
[03:49am] @Abhaxas: yea im here
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: yeh he’s here
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: lolatu:
[03:49am] @Abhaxas: lolatu:
[03:49am] lolatu: kk
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: here is a pic for ur article
[03:49am] jadedsecurity:
[03:49am] lolatu: ty
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: lol
[03:49am] @Abhaxas: he can’t use that
[03:49am] @Abhaxas: i wish he could
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: use this one
[03:49am] lolatu: What method are you using to close PayPal accounts?
[03:49am] jadedsecurity: this one is real
[03:49am] poncedeanon: sexy sexy
[03:50am] jadedsecurity: he is actually joseph k black irl
[03:50am] poncedeanon: is that from his dump? cuz that fraks fraked up
[03:50am] @Abhaxas: lolatu: i created a python script to try attempt to login to paypal
accounts that i have harvested
[03:50am] poncedeanon: exiledsurfer agrees
[03:50am] jadedsecurity: is what from the dump
[03:50am] lolatu: And how many accounts have you closed so far?
[03:50am] lolatu: And is there a way for me to confirm that number?
[03:51am] @Abhaxas: the script can read the html returned from paypal’s server
[03:51am] @Abhaxas: if it reads the account closed message, it adds 1
[03:51am] @Abhaxas: currently it is at 592
[03:56am] ciphersson: it wont matter on the 3ed the gov will default and depression 2.0 will begin
[03:56am] jadedsecurity: ciphersson: HELLO
[03:57am] jadedsecurity: ok I have 3 hours to sleep
[03:57am] yngjungian: ^ I’m at 5, and tomorrow is a long long day.
[03:57am] ciphersson: sounds like the way i sleep very little
[03:58am] poncedeanon: imma confused bear. x25 would be hotter if she lost weight. and if
thats actually jkb in purple dude needs a shower
[03:58am] poncedeanon: @Abhaxas, keep up the good work. hope you find the droids youre lookin for.
[03:58am] poncedeanon left the chat room. (Quit: out)
[03:59am] ciphersson:
[03:59am] jadedsecurity: yngjungian: great.. we suck
[03:59am] ArchangelAmael: sleep when your dead.
[03:59am] jadedsecurity: ArchangelAmael: LOL
[04:00am] jadedsecurity: 4,000 fraking views of my frakty story
[04:00am] yngjungian: very nice!
[04:01am] jadedsecurity: godaddy sucks
[04:01am] ciphersson: jaded were the talk you gave
[04:01am] jadedsecurity: which one
[04:01am] jadedsecurity: hack the interview?
[04:01am] jadedsecurity:
[04:01am] jadedsecurity: just search jaded
[04:02am] jadedsecurity: search grecs first for laughs
[04:02am] jadedsecurity: is the story up @Abhaxas
[04:02am] jadedsecurity: i wanna read it before i pass out
[04:03am] lolatu: you mean the one i’m writing?
[04:03am] lolatu: no
[04:03am] lolatu: you hsould sleep
[04:03am] lolatu: It will be done by tomorrow
[04:04am] jadedsecurity: ah ok.. I go bed I client meeting in a few..
[04:05am] jadedsecurity: laters peeps!
[04:05am] yngjungian: nite
[04:05am] jadedsecurity: its already morning
[04:05am] yngjungian:
[04:06am] woland left the chat room. (Quit: leaving)
[04:07am] lolatu: Hey Abhaxis?
[04:07am] @Abhaxas: yea?
[04:07am] yngjungian: abhaxas
[04:07am] lolatu: I butchered a quote
[04:08am] yngjungian: and his name
[04:08am] lolatu: and want your approval on it
[04:08am] yngjungian: moron
[04:08am] @Abhaxas: go ahead
[04:08am] lolatu: attributed to you
[04:08am] lolatu: I’m part of a group that hates Anonymous.
I’m at war with Anonymous. We dislike the thought of
allowing people to be anonymous on the Internet.
Being anonymous allows people to be trolls. No one
likes trolls.
[04:08am] @Abhaxas: that is fine
[04:08am] lolatu: alright
[04:08am] @Abhaxas: it gets the point across
[04:08am] lolatu: I’ve got it spelled with an A in the article
[04:08am] lolatu:
[04:12am] lolatu: When you referenced the jester
[04:12am] lolatu: you meant this guy
[04:12am] lolatu:!/th3j3st3r
[04:12am] lolatu: right?
[04:12am] @Abhaxas: yea
[04:12am] lolatu: kk
[04:13am] @Abhaxas: sorry, too lazy to use all his numbers
[04:13am] lolatu: yeah
[04:13am] @Abhaxas: well not him, that is a fake account
[04:13am] lolatu: oh
[04:13am] lolatu: frak
[04:13am] lolatu: what’s the real one?
[04:14am] @Abhaxas:!/th3j35t3r
[04:14am] @Abhaxas: that’s him
[04:14am] lolatu: ty
[04:15am] lolatu: Is there any proof you can offer that you are closing accounts?
[04:15am] lolatu: that you are at 592?
[04:15am] lolatu: etc
[04:15am] lolatu: a screenshot would help
[04:15am] @Abhaxas: ok
[04:18am] @Abhaxas:
[04:19am] lolatu: ty
[04:19am] lolatu: Almost done
[04:19am] @Abhaxas: np
[04:20am] lolatu: So this story is just an event
[04:20am] lolatu: it’s about your involvement in the PayPal thing
[04:20am] lolatu: Since I’m the Anonymous Examienr
[04:20am] lolatu: that’s my topic
[04:20am] @Abhaxas: cool
[04:21am] lolatu: So some of the conversation is left out. It WILL go in to the
article I write later about your criticisms of Anonymous
[04:21am] @Abhaxas: that’s fine
[04:23am] lolatu: btw, that picture you provided
[04:23am] lolatu: I edited out the dick
[04:23am] lolatu: you want me to use it?
[04:23am] @Abhaxas: yes
[04:23am] lolatu: and that’s a picture of you?
[04:23am] lolatu: or at least, you as you wish to be perceived?
[04:23am] @Abhaxas: yes, you can use that
[04:31am] lolatu: Done
[04:31am] lolatu:
[04:31am] lolatu: Anything wrong with it?
[04:33am] @Abhaxas: it looks great
[04:33am] @Abhaxas: i like the photo too
[04:33am] lolatu: Excellent
[04:33am] lolatu: lol
[04:33am] lolatu: yeah
[04:33am] lolatu: Ima broadcast on twitter now
[04:33am] lolatu: It’s good, right?
[04:33am] @Abhaxas: ok, i will retweet it
[04:33am] lolatu: ty
[04:33am] lolatu: Have a nice night/day
[04:33am] @Abhaxas: same to you
[04:34am] lolatu left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving)
[04:35am] @Abhaxas: im loling so much
[04:35am] @Abhaxas: right now
[04:36am] @Abhaxas: he actually posted it
[04:36am] ArchangelAmael: lol
[04:37am] ArchangelAmael: shame he cropped your pic.
[04:39am] @Abhaxas: so great

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